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How to fake a tilt shift image with Gimp

Tilt shift photography is a method of creating images with a shallow focus to give the sense of miniaturisation or a model like appearance. Although tilt shift photographs can be created with a specialised lense they can be very expensive, so instead of spending up to $1000 or so, with a little... More

How to paint by numbers

Painting by numbers is a very good introduction to painting, with all the hard work taken out of the process. The kits which are available on the market have different levels of ability, and from the small child embarking on painting for the first time to the adult looking for a hobby, painting... More

How to give photos a vintage look

Stepping back in time Giving a photograph a vintage look is achieved easily, and more so in a digital age than with traditional equipment and cameras. The methods described below are for both medias, and work effectively to produce sepia toned photographs, reminiscent of those... More

How to create an ebook cover with Gimp

If you are planning to publish your own ebook, a cover can go a long way in getting people to take notice of it. There is the possibility of hiring a graphic designer to create a cover for you, and whilst this can be a reliable way of getting good results it can also be costly. Another... More

How to draw a landscape with pastels

Working with soft pastels This article takes you through the whole process of creating a landscape using soft pastels and is based around a drawing commissioned by a client. The first thing to mention about using soft pastels is that they are very messy, so it's best to wear something old, or to... More

How to add texture to an acrylic painting

How to add texture to a painting Both oil and acrylics can be textured. And by texture, is meant using the paint in a way that it produces lumps or ridges, or adding something else to the paint such as sand, pieces of small gravel, salt, or whatever to give it a distinctive... More

How to get started in digital photography

More than point-and-shoot   How to get started in digital photography is actually easier than most people think. The features, choices and lingo of digital cameras can be confusing, but, arming yourself with information can help you make decisions about which camera is... More

How to capture depth of field in photography

Depth of Field basics Photographer-Fisher CC BY-SA • When taking photographs, there is a point at some distance from the camera that is called the "focal point". This is the point where everything at that distance will be in exact focus and everything closer than and further than this... More

How to blow up photos for wall art

Use your photos in a big way Have you ever taken what you thought was the perfect photo? One so good that you thought it deserves to be blown up and turned into wall art. What a great idea. Blowing up your photos allows you to showcase your work and to let your family and friends know what a... More

How to create pumpkin patterns

Design your own pattern Photo used with permission from Jay Ball Everybody sees them when they go to the stores around Halloween; the retail packages that contain various patterns to use when carving out a pumpkin. The patterns are inexpensive, but by the time hundreds of people... More