How to blow up photos for wall art

Use your photos in a big way

Have you ever taken what you thought was the perfect photo? One so good that you thought it deserves to be blown up and turned into wall art. What a great idea. Blowing up your photos allows you to showcase your work and to let your family and friends know what a talented photographer you are. There are several different techniques that you can use to turn your photos into wall art. Use your creative personality to convert your photos into art.


Step 1

High resolution

The first step in the process of turning a photo into wall art is to be sure that you are photographing at the highest resolution that your camera allows. Any digital camera will provide great photos, it is more about the photographer and the subject matter. The accepted level-1 for blowing up a photo is 150ppi minimum.

Step 2

Photo size

Once you have the photo that you want to use as your wall art, you need to decide the art format that best suits your photo. Will it make the perfect poster? Do you want to divide it into several smaller prints? Do you want to use one photo or multiple photos?

Step 3

Blowing it up

If you are making a poster, you may have to use a photo site to blow up your picture. Unless you have a printer that can print over-sized photos you will have physical limitations. On the other hand, if you break your poster size up into smaller photos, you should be able to print the picture yourself. You may want to play with this to see which actually shows off your photo to the best advantage. Use your Photoshop or other program to actually blow up your photo.

Step 4

Using Photoshop

To use Photoshop to blow up your photo you need to click on the image tab and then image size. Click the constrain proportions box and then you can adjust the size of the photo either by the actually dimensions that you want or by the pixels. You can enter the height and the width. Watch the pixels per inch, you want to stay above 150 for optimum quality. To divide your photo into sections you can use the slice tool in the Photoshop tool box. You define the size of your slices with this tool.You use your mouse to mouse to move the slice tool onto your photo where you determine the size and shape of your slices.

Step 5


Once you have blown up your photos, it is time to use it as wall art. You may choose to place you photo in a frame. This can then be placed so that it is the focal point on a wall. Another option is the place the photo or photos onto backing material. You can then arrange the photos in a variety of positions. placing them in an alternating pattern with some higher and some lower can be a striking presentation. The choice is yours and will be determined by the room it is in and your personal style. Whatever you choose, it is sure to be a source of pride as you display your work of artistic photography.

Things Needed
• A camera
• A photo manipulation program
• An empty wall
• Frames
• Mounting material

Tips & Warnings
• Only blow up photos with dense enough pixels to allow them to be blown up to the size you want
• Choose a photo that makes a statement
• Know which wall your photo will be used on before picking the photo to blow up


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