How to create pumpkin patterns

How to create pumpkin patterns

Design your own pattern

Photo used with permission from Jay Ball

Everybody sees them when they go to the stores around Halloween; the retail packages that contain various patterns to use when carving out a pumpkin. The patterns are inexpensive, but by the time hundreds of people in your own neighborhoods purchase them, duplicate patterns appear on many different pumpkins around town.

Instead of doing the same thing as everyone else, there is an alternative you may not have thought about that will provide you with something different, and give you a unique piece to talk about with the neighbor next door.

Rather than purchasing a pre-made pattern, create one of your own from a photograph you may have, or from a good quality clip art image that’s freely available from the Internet.

By using one of many available photo editing graphics programs, and spending just a little time learning some basic principles, you too can have some works of art gracing your front porch.


Step 1

Use a good photo editing software program

Use a good photoshop compatible program to edit the image. If you don’t have a good photoshop compatible program, you can use a program called GIMP.

GIMP is an acronym that stands for GNU image manipulation program. It’s a free program you can download and install on your computer, and although it’s features may be named a little differently, it has the same

features you would find in an expensive, over-the-counter photoshop style graphics program.

Step 2

Select a good quality photo or clipart image

Some of the best images to use for creating your pumpkin patterns are clip art images, primarily because they’re simple and easy to work with.

There isn’t much detail to them, so you can see why they’re preferred.

Photos may be used too, but they require more complex work and imagination to create a pattern you’ll be pleased with.

Step 3

Make the image brighter

Select «colors«, «levels«, then click and hold the output level’s black arrow located on the lower slider while moving it to the right.

Once you have your desired level of brightness, click «OK«.

Step 4

Use the paths tool to outline your pattern

Using the paths tool, create outlines of the different areas of detail you want to have in your pattern.

When you’re done with what you want, click the «selection from path» button.

Things Needed
• Computer
• Photo editing software program
• Good quality photo or clip art image
• Printer
• Paper
• Pumpkin
• Pumpkin carving & cutting tools
• Light bulb, socket and electrical cord to light it up

Tips & Warnings
• Carving and cutting tools are sharp.
• Use the largest pumpkin you can safely carry.
• Take you time creating your design.
• Wood carving tools work great.


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    Lovell  23.07.2015 14:52

    I think maybe I will make a Christmas pumpkin — I missed Halloween and I could do a Christmas theme now. Thanks.

    Amis  28.10.2015 00:19

    Hi Kevin, thanks for your feedback.This is neat! Kudos.

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