How freelancers make money with article directories

How freelancers make money with article directories

Article directories provide practical ways for freelancers to make money. It is possible for freelancers to make money by submitting to free article directories, as well as by publishing knowledge articles. There are a few article directories that will list articles for sale, so owners of websites and blogs can buy the rights to publish articles written by freelancers.

• Free article directories

Some free online article directories allow freelancers to earn money in their own Google AdSense accounts but most of the big free article directory sites do not offer any form of payment. There is, however, a way for freelancers to make money from free article directories. That is to use those sites for marketing their own websites or for promoting a service they can provide as a freelancer.

Publishing a lot of free content in article directories allows freelancers to get multiple links back to their own websites or blogs. Articles published on busy websites get good search engine ranking and a lot of traffic. Each article on offer for free use by a directory site will have the writer’s own link in the resource box or byline. When an article is reproduced anywhere else online, or in email newsletters, more readers will find the resource link. If they have good reason to use that website or blog, the freelancer will make money from those visitors.  

• Knowledge articles

Knowledge sells well online and that is why some freelancers write many informative articles, how-to guides and helpful reviews. These articles can be published in knowledge directories offering a share of ad revenue or paying a set amount for every thousand page views. There are more opportunities for freelance writers to get paid for writing knowledge articles at FaqHow. This article directory makes upfront payment for qualifying articles, when writers have gained writing stars, and has a marketplace where freelance writers can find writing assignments. 

• Directories of articles for sale

Freelance writers can submit to content directories where their articles will be listed for sale, but not published in full. This type of article directory allows publishers to purchase articles from freelance writers, with exclusive rights, to use as content for their own websites, blogs, ebooks, ezines and email newsletters.

Selling articles can be a good source of income for freelance writers who write on topics that are in demand, and for those who can write about specialist subjects. Successful writers will make sure all their articles search engine friendly and suitable for Internet use.

Freelancers make money with article directories they can use for marketing a business website or getting traffic to a blog. Freelance writers earn payments or a share of ad revenue for publishing knowledge articles on directory websites, and successful freelance writers use article directories as a marketplace for selling content with publishing rights. 


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