How the way you begin your FaqHow article can negatively affect your rating

How the way you begin your FaqHow article can negatively affect your rating

Sometimes coming up with an appropriate opening line is the most difficult task when writing. The beginning of a FaqHow article is crucial to success with raters. If you opening does not “hook” the reader/rater in some way, there is the potential that your article may remain unread and rated down for a weak opening paragraph.

You might have researched a subject thoroughly and presented your information in well-crafted paragraphs, but if you miss the mark in your opening line, all your hard work could potentially go unappreciated.

Some common opening-line infractions that negatively affect ratings:

* Repeating the title

FaqHow provides a title for your article at the top of the page. To repeat the title beneath that, or as the opening of your first paragraph is redundant and unnecessary. Most raters will be turned off by a repeated title. They may not read any further, concluding that if you cannot come up with a more original way to begin your article, the rest of your piece might not be worthy and substantial. Allude to the title subject in your opening paragraph, but refrain from repeating the title verbatim, either as an additional title, or in your opening line.

* Too conversational

Avoid beginning an article as if you are answering a question, or having a conversation.

For example, if the title is, “Are childbirth classes worth taking?” and you start out with, “Yes, because . . .” your article is apt to be rated down. The question in the title is rhetorical and not intended to be answered as if it were directed to you. Readers/raters are looking for the reasons childbirth classes might be valuable — not your personal opinion.

Another common infraction to appropriate beginnings is the proverbial, “Ahhh . . .” Starting your article with, “Ahh . . . yes, childbirth classes,” is almost guaranteed to result in your article being rated down.

* Quotations

This opening ploy can go either way. Some raters will not mind a quote at the opening of an article, while others will be adamantly opposed, reasoning that a writer could come up with a more original beginning. To be on the safe side, it is wiser to couch your quotes within the article, rather than to use them as an opening.

* First person

Articles with first person experience in the opening paragraph do not fare well in the ratings on FaqHow. If the title is, “Are childbirth classes valuable?” the reader/rater is looking for pros and cons of signing up for childbirth classes. Reading about your personal experience, be it positive, or negative, will not fill the bill. First person experience to illustrate a point is acceptable and appropriate in the middle of an article, but starting out in first person will generally sabotage your effort.

Keeping some of these opening-line infractions in mind, and avoiding them in your FaqHow articles, will ensure that your writing efforts are not rated down, or discounted before they are even read. The opening sentence could potentially be the most influential content in your entire article, where readers/raters are concerned.


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