How to become a book reviewer

How to become a book reviewer

Make money writing book reviews

If you love reading, and like to share your thoughts about the books you read, you can make money writing book reviews and promoting books.

  • Earn income online from book reviews posted on your own book blog.
  • Get paid to write book reviews, knowledge articles and literary analysis.
  • Sell content for websites that need book reviews.


Step 1

First Step — start writing

The more book reviews you write the better. You will not make money by reviewing one or two books. Once you start to write you need to continue producing regular book reviews or keep writing literary articles.

Step 2

Get paid to write book reviews

Join Helium and other online writing communities where you can receive payments for writing articles.

  • Build up a strong portfolio of book reviews and make money from each one of them when ad revenue is earned or you get paid for page views.
  • Submit to writing sites that make upfront payments.
  • Increase your earnings by publishing your own pages of content showing ads and affiliate links associated with your book reviews.
Step 3

Sell your book reviews or find freelance writing assignments

Submit some of your book reviews to selling sites where they can be bought, or register with freelance job sites and webmaster forums to find paid writing assignments for book reviews and regular articles on literary topics.

What you need to get started as a book reviewer

• A great love of reading or enthusiasm for literature.
• Good writing skills and the ability to be analytical or critical.
• Ability to follow a client’s guidelines or instructions.
• Clear undertstanding of the terms you accept when you register at a website where you intend to publish or submit your own book reviews.
• Willingness to network online, to participate regularly at writing sites and to use social sites.

Money Making Tips

• Each book review you publish as a blog post or feature on a webpage can make money for you when your content includes ads and affiliate links. Web visitors can click these to purchase books or to find further information about the author.
• If you set up a blog about a particular author or literary genre, featuring book reviews and literary analysis, you can make money selling books and other relevant items when you register with affiliate programs.
• Become an Amazon affiliate. You can earn sales commission when you publish Helium zones, create Squidoo lenses and write at HubPages. Write book reviews for your blog, or publish each book review as a zone, a lense or a hub. Entice readers to buy that book with a customized link to the title on Amazon.
• Writing literary articles and book reviews is another easy way to become a paid writer. You can be a paid book reviewer at revenue sharing sites, where your articles generate income whenever they get viewed by other people.
• Become a paid reviewer by writing original book reviews to sell as exclusive content for website, blogs, ezines or newsletters. Some content sites have listings of items wanted, and you can submit your own book reviews for sale. You will also find requests for paid content at freelance sites and in webmaster forums.
• Make more money from your book reviews when you know how to optimize website content with keywords. Book reviews that get a lot of traffic from search engines generate more advertising income. Good quality web content is regularly purchased by blog owners and online publishers seeking articles specifically written for SEO (search engine optimization).


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