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How writing frees the mind

Artists have a slightly different mindset to most other people. The act of creating seems to loosen something within their souls, freeing their mind. As writing is the easiest and cheapest of the arts to get involved with, this article will look at how writing frees the mind. A writer, as with a... More

How article writing benefits a writer

Is article writing a worthy pursuit for writers, or is it just something to fall back on in case the huge book deal doesn't bear fruit? Much has been said about the benefits of article writing for business purposes. Small business owners can expertly get the word out, become the expert and... More

How to create realistic fictional characters

Creating realistic and believable characters is one of the main keys to producing a solid fiction novel. This article will discuss character development techniques that can be used across different genres plus tips for specific character types. [donate]Instructions Step 1 First, you need... More

How to write erotic poetry

Writing poetry can be an intimidating task, particularly if you don't do it regularly. For most of us, writing erotic poetry is even more so. Not only do all the regular aspects of poetry come into play (rhetorical devices, rhythm, word choice and structure), but you also have to make your work... More

How to write an informative Internet advice article

How to write an informative Internet article. Often when people are new to writing online, they forget or are unaware of the purpose of online articles. The main reason for writing articles is to inform or entertain the reading public. Writing online articles takes several forms. Whether advice,... More

How to write effective book reviews

Using your experience to help others make decisions Have you ever wondered how you can combine two interests to produce earnings? Reading books is a popular hobby, though often writers miss the opportunity this affords them of writing book reviews. Sharing the details of your experience is a... More

How to properly research when writing articles

Completing some research is necessary when writing quality articles Many original works are available online and it should not be any problem at all to find writings by the reputable sources that perpetuated the ideas in the first place. Even the writings of the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates,... More

How to write a good political science essay

A good political science essay, like a good newspaper article, should present the what, the where, the when, and the why in the first paragraph. Rather than “burying the lead,” to borrow a newspaper term, the writer should “set the table” in the very first sentence of the... More

How to write an article that is read by thousands

The obvious way in which to write an article which is read by thousands is to write the article upon an extremely popular and topical subject and publish it in a medium which is well respected and well read. If this were the only secret to success in this respect, however, would not every writer... More

How to write to maximize impact

You will achieve more writing success when you write to maximize impact, whether you write for publication in print, or you get paid to write web content. The first rule is to write strictly according to any guidelines, instructions or editorial requests provided. Publishers, agents or clients... More