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How to earn $100 a month on Helium with only one writing star

Helium is a proven legitimate earning site for writers. Even if you are a beginner or a professional writer, Helium is open for everyone who wants to write and share it with the readers. In Helium, writers are gauged by their ability to write through the writing stars. One needs to have quality... More

How to beat writers block online

The wonder of writing online is that it can be done just about anywhere these days.  In addition, people from all walks of life that are reasonably comfortable with the written word can make an attempt to enter the world of freelance writing.  The challenge is that a laptop and a few... More

How to Write an Informative and Captivating Article Title

Basics of How-To What’s the big deal about titles? Actually, titles are one of the most importance pieces of an article. The title may be the first and last chance you get to grab a reader's attention and pull them in to your article. And it's no surprise that a great title attracts... More

How to write better articles

Tips for improving your writing Writing articles online is a good way to earn money. It is not a fast way to make money, unless a writer is very lucky with a very popular article. A writer spends a long time to build up an article library that will profit on its own. A few sites offer editors, so... More

How to write an effective thesis statement

No matter what the writing task, a good thesis statement is vital The thesis is a brief, but thorough, mention about what the writer intends to convince the reader. It should be just somewhat controversial to emotionally involve the reader, but not so extremist as to alienate someone who might... More

How to write an article for online readers

What do online readers really want? Writing online is different than publishing a book or writing for a newspaper. Writing online takes lots of work to make full time income. A book writer often needs just a few good books to make a living, but online writers need to have hundreds of good... More

How to write poetry

Tips for writing poetry Most students of poetry have had some exposure to the creative process during their early high school days. One discovery often made early on is that there are many different forms and styles for writing poetry and each poet studied, albeit Shakespere, Browning, or pound,... More

How to write a good conclusion for a personal essay

Writing the conclusion for your personal experience essay Writing a conclusion to an essay is by far the easiest part of the writing process. Many inexperienced writers get hung up on this part because they believe it is harder than it actually is. Most of what goes into the conclusion has... More

How to write a speech

Many children and adults dread those moments when they are expected to deliver a speech. The actual performance, the part that they dread the most, should be a breeze if the speech is well prepared. You might have watched people standing and talking in front of a large audience as if it is the... More

How to use and not abuse apostrophes

Learning effective use of the apostrophe The next time you encounter an apostrophe, shake hands and welcome it. Ask it what purpose it is serving If it's not standing in for a letter or two in a contraction, or denoting possession, or marking the plural of a numeral, letter, or acronym, chase it... More