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How to gather ideas for writing articles

It could perhaps be argued that the more articles one writes, the more difficult one is likely to find determining how to gather ideas for writing articles. The simple reasoning in this theory is that the more articles one writes, the more one's store of knowledge is used up and the more one is... More

How to sell stock items on FaqHow

One of the newest ways that writers can earn additional money on FaqHow is through the sale of stock items. FaqHow reserves the right to sell one time publishing rights on any article within the database. These one-time rights allow FaqHow to sell articles and earn some additional income for... More

How to make a living writing articles on FaqHow

Earning a living, writing for FaqHow that allows a writer to have a flexible work schedule and great working conditions can be done, although it takes time and requires patience.  Writing for FaqHow is a great way for a freelance writer to get their career off the ground. FaqHow is an open... More

How to make audio books

Tips for creating your own books on tape Audio books have been around for quite some time. They are exceptional for use with the blind who love listening tosomeone reading both fact and fictional writing. Playing an audio book as you are driving along really helps to pass the time, especially on... More

How to research for a mystery novel

How to conduct research for writing a mystery novel can be a procedure which involves very different tactics to when one is conducting research for any other type of novel. The nature of the mystery will largely determine what is and is not required but the research for such a novel could prove... More

How to use commas correctly and avoid their abuse

The use of commas Comma usage varies depending whether a writer was schooled in the United Kingdom or Australia or in the United States. Many rules are not hard and fast but subject to individual preference. The modern tendency is to eliminate as many commas as possible as long as no confusion... More

How screenplay writing differs from other forms of writing

Do have a great idea for a feature film or a made-for TV movie? How about a TV sitcom or animated feature? Or even a stage production? Great! But there are ways to go about it and ways to NOT go about it. One of the things that you have to remember about getting started in the screenplay biz is... More

How to write and develop the climax in a short story

Starting at the end where the impact is needed When Lewis Carroll used the expression "Begin at the beginning, and end at the end" in Alice in Wonderland, little did he know how that catchphrase would be quoted over the centuries. In fact, when writing a short story, the ending is where the... More

Blank page to inspiration: The writers odyssey

Staring at a blank page to become inspired is a losing battle for me. In order to get over this hurdle, I write down every oddball thought, every insane musing, ever fragmented idea and then I begin building my piece. Granted, many times my original inspiration gets lost in the words that flow... More

How to write perfect paragraphs for personal essays

Writing effective paragraphs for your essay There is nothing worse than to focus on a piece of writing for days and have it not be good enough because the body refused to support the main idea. Previous how-to articles have pointed out that the thesis statement is most important and the... More