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How FaqHows writers define an article

The FaqHow writing community discussed the important issue of what constitutes an article during Community Board discussions in December of 2006. Cries for clearer and improved standards rang loudly. Practical advice abounded. The guidelines rotated around two axes: content and form.In terms of... More

FaqHow writing contests:  How to stay motivated

Writing often and writing quickly in less than a week to win a FaqHow contest can be an overwhelming attempt. FaqHow's writing contests allow writers to write up to 25 articles under one title group in less than seven days while trying to get each article rated at the top. After writing often and... More

How to write a personal experience essay

Writing the Personal Essay Normal.dotm 0 0 1 235 1340 Killeen ISD 11 2 1645 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false Writing is the most important skill taught in school because people are called on to use this skill throughout their lives for various reasons. Below is a detailed... More

Grammar tips: How to use end punctuation when writing a direct quote

The business of integrating direct quotes into writing confuses many people, so let's take a brief look at the rules. Perhaps the first thing to remember is that punctuation goes inside the quotation marks. So, to state this as a direct quote: “The first thing to remember is that... More

Analysis of how to write an article

Writing an article is a social activity. That may sound strange, especially if you do your writing while sitting all alone in a room. But there are three parties who partake in the experience of the article - you, your publisher, and your readers.To analyze something means to look into it more... More

Reasons attitude impacts successful writing

Having the right attitude leads to greater writing success. Writers with a bad attitude, or who are negative in their outlook, have less success than writers with a more responsible, open minded and positive attitude. [1] A responsible attitude to writing prevents misleading information being... More

How to create an online magazine

With the introduction of page turning software it is now possible for just about anyone to create their own online magazine that looks as visually appealing as any publication found at news stores. There are also a number of websites dedicated to hosting online magazines, offering anything from... More

How to avoid going off subject while writing an article

Writing an article features some tricky aspects that experienced freelancers are usually able to overcome. Beginners can easily fall in these traps, spending more time on rewriting and editing the problematic parts of the text.Going off subject is one of the most commonly committed mistakes. As... More

How a script writer should watch a movie

As a screenwriter, it's important that you watch movies as often as possible. You can learn things from good, bad, and mediocre films, as long as you watch them critically and pay attention. If you have the time, ideally you should watch a movie twice. The first time should be watching it like... More

How expansion of vocabulary aids citizen journalism

A writer with a limited vocabulary is like an artist with a small palette. It makes it hard to spread out to new topics, new styles or techniques, and new audiences. Words are the tools of description and the means for creating interest. They can create variety and anticipation or monotony and... More