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Ideas for overcoming writers block

Writer's block happens to everyone, from the new writer starting out to the established author with a string of bestsellers under their belt. You put pen to paper or sit down in front of the computer and-nothing happens. The harder you try to make the words come, the more frustrated and blocked... More

How to write an introduction to your personal essay

Write an attention grabbing introduction to your personal essay There is nothing worse than working hours or even days on a work of personal expression to have it ignored or not satisfy its intended purpose. And there is no other component that can make or break an essay as much as an... More

How to get over blank page syndrome

Blank Page Syndrome There's no worse feeling for a writer. A blank page with out a single scratch. Nothing on your computer screen but a blinking cursor. No ideas, no words, no sentences. The well has run dry and you haven't even started. Perhaps it's your first project, or your third or your... More

How to promote your own writing at Reddit without jeopardizing your account

How to promote your own writing at Reddit without jeopardising your account is something which has become considerably more difficult since the spamming allegations of early 2009. More so now than ever, not only the Reddit site administrators but the regular users of Reddit are on the look out... More

How to get paid to write articles on the Internet

There are many out there who are seeking the optimal work at home position that would earn them some residual income while being able to be home for themselves or their families. Writing articles certainly is one of them. When I say writing articles could be a good job for all, I am sure your... More

How to write a great bio on FaqHow

A professional-looking bio page is a great way to attract Internet readers and Marketplace publishers to your articles. The Internet is a great medium for writers, but it does little to limit who can publish content, which means that Web readers are often weary when reading articles that are... More

How to not let life derail you while writing for FaqHow

FaqHow is the one place you can indulge your addiction and not lose out. In fact, the more you indulge the more you get. Connecting with other writers, refining our craft in a competitive environment, watching writing and rating scores rise and fall - all lead to the exhiliration that drives... More

How fiction differs from real life

Fiction, by definition is writing that is not entirely based on real events but imagined or 'made up'. However, some genres of fiction are more realistic than others. Genres like fantasy and science-fiction are obviously not based on real life but intended to provide a world so different that... More

How to estimate your current earning rate at FaqHow

Payment is often not the main motivation when writing for FaqHow. The reality is that many writers use FaqHow as an avenue for creativity and display of content. Writing for FaqHow can add some significant extra income to the freelance writer. Especially when the writer is able to calculate their... More

How to effectively write in the first person

One of the most basic decisions you have to make before you write anything is the point of view. The natural state for most stories is to write it in the third person. It is the most common point of view both for fiction and non fiction and there are good reasons for that, but this doesn't mean... More