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How to choose new topics to write about

One of the most common pieces of advice given to any new writer is, “Write what you know.” This tip refers simply to the fact that where one writes to a subject upon which one is at least fairly knowledgeable, the completed piece of writing is likely to appear most authentic to... More

Common mistakes made by writers of poetry

Whether you are relatively new to the poetry or you are skilled in the craft, you probably have made your share of poetic mistakes. We all do it; it is inevitable. But it is from these mistakes that our growth occurs.1. Push it to the limit. Do not be afraid to experiment, to tear your rough... More

How to learn from magazine editor rejections of your written work

Learning success from failure as a writer. Taking your hypothetical quill to a new page after a rejection can seem very hard. If one editor rejected you, how can you approach another with the same enthusiasm? Doesn't that mean your work wasn't good enough? Doesn't it mean you are no good at... More

How to successfully promote your articles

How to successfully promote your articles is very much in the first instance about determining what are legitimate ways in which to do so and what are not. As a great many sites which host the articles which one writes will make subsequent payment based upon either the number of page views which... More

How to make $10 per hour writing online

There are many particularly novice online writers who are desperate to learn how to make $10 per hour writing online. While the process clearly requires dedication and hard work - especially where the income is to be of the guaranteed type - the concept is more than entirely possible.... More

How many hours a day should a writer spend writing?

The number of hours a writer spends writing is dependent on many factors. Each writer has to pace his writing activity to accommodate the level of complexity in the subject he is writing about, the research required to present comprehensively detailed content and his own endurance level.... More

Designing writing prompts

Writing prompts are snippets of words put down to pique the interest of a writer to the point where they can visualize a story, and then, hopefully, actually write that story. Quite often writers will look for writing prompts from other sources, thus alleviating themselves of having to think of... More

How to make money writing book reviews

Passing on word of mouth There's nothing quite like knowing that what you read is not only feeding your intellect, but that you can spread the news of all those great books. Books are a source of pleasure. They are something to write about, and certainly the writing stages of a book review take... More

How to choose a blog niche

Owning a blog can be both an enjoyable and a profitable experience.  The fact that one wants to start a blog means that the person enjoys writing.  It may also mean that the person wants to earn money while doing what she or he loves.  No matter what the reason behind starting a... More

How to write 20 articles in a day at FaqHow

Writing 20 articles in one day doesn't have to be as daunting as it sounds. It is certainly a goal that is quite achievable if one works for it. The goal is a good way to practice your writing and exsercize your brain. You have just a little over an hour per article if you intend on powering... More