What does the Internet offer as a writing project

What does the Internet offer as a writing project

The Internet is a global publishing outlet that provides many ways to become established as a writer and gain new readers around the world. Any writer can accomplish far more, and get better known online, than would be possible without using the Internet. By understanding what the Internet has to offer and using the Internet as a writing project, writers can achieve higher earnings, gain a wider reputation and 

create a writing portfolio of published work.

1. Money making project

The more productive a writer is on the Internet, the more money there is to be earned by using the Internet for a money making writing project. In addition to creating opportunities to sell e-books, or to increase book sales, many writers use the Internet to earn income from blogging or article writing, and regular streams of income can be generated from publishing a quantity of online content.

Some writers use their own Google AdSense account, and others join alternative advertising opportunities, to make money from ads that accompany the content they publish online. There are several good revenue sharing websites paying out to members a portion of all the revenue earned from contextual ads, banners and other forms of advertising.

Upfront payments from content buyers, and earnings from freelance writing jobs, can also contribute income when using the Internet as a writing project.

2. Writing project to gain or build a reputation

Short story writers, novelists, freelance writers, specialist writers and journalists all use the Internet to highlight the kind of writing they do. Published writers promote their own links to generate sales at online bookstores, or they can promote links to sites where their e-books can be downloaded.

In addition to using the Internet for author branding, the Internet is ideal for making a name as a writer by networking, link building and for making effective use of online forums and message boards. All of these will help a new writer to gain a big following online. Journalists and story writers use social networking to establish that they work for certain newspapers, magazines or other media where their writing is regularly featured.

3. A project to create a portfolio of published writing

Quality and quantity are both essential elements in creating a writing portfolio, and the Internet offers the best opportunity for publishing a large number of articles, reviews, opinion pieces and news items.

A writer will benefit from publishing a lot of well written content on their own personal website or blog, and from submitting articles to online writing communities or publishing them on user-generated content sites. This can result in an impressive portfolio of work.

Using the same author name and creating a writer profile on each website where writing is published will mean that anyone using a search engine can bring up a list of articles and other content, written and published under that writer’s name.

There has never been a better time for a writer to discover what the Internet has to offer as a writing project. Using the Internet will increase a writer’s reputation, and help a writer to make more money. The more productive a writer can be, the more opportunities there are for submitting and publishing on the Internet. Using the Internet is the best way for a new writer to get noticed, and the Internet has much to offer, as a writing project,  for an established writer.


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