How to make audio books

Tips for creating your own books on tape

Audio books have been around for quite some time. They are exceptional for use with the blind who love listening tosomeone reading both fact and fictional writing. Playing an audio book as you are driving along really helps to pass the time, especially on a long drive. Teachers use audio books in listening centers in the classroom and for children who have difficulty reading longer works on their own.

It is not difficult to create your own audio books. All you need is a good speaking voice, a talent for reading with expression and recording equipment. You don’t need to have expensive equipment, but it should have good sound quality.


Step 1

Choose the book

Choose the book you wish to change fromn written to audio format. It is important that you get permission from the author or the publisher because the work is copyrighted.

Step 2

Read through the book to become familiar with the characters and plot

Read the book silentlyat first so that you know who the characters are and the part they play in the plot. This is necessary so that you can read with expression when the characters are speaking.

Practice reading parts of the book out loud.

Step 3

Speak slowly

Turn on the recording device you are using and read slowly. Enunciate all the words clearly. Although it may seem a bit odd to you to be speaking in this way, it will sound just right to the listener.

Turn off the recording after you read a page or two and listen to it yourself to make sure that the sound is clear. If everything is satisfactory, you can pick up from where you left off or you can erase and start over.

Step 4

Use sound effects

You can create sound effects to accompany your reading if you wish.

If you intend to make the audio book available for sale, make sure that you copyright it under your own name.

Things Needed
• Book to read
• Practice
• Read slowly
• A good microphone
• Sound effects if you wish to add any

Tips & Warnings
• Digital downloads and MP3 players are the best recording choices because very few people use cassette tapes nowadays.
• You can also enlist the help of another reader if you want different voices for the various speaking parts.


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