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How to write a personal experience essay

Writing the Personal Essay Normal.dotm 0 0 1 235 1340 Killeen ISD 11 2 1645 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false Writing is the most important skill taught in school because people are called on to use this skill throughout their lives for various reasons. Below is a detailed... More

How to write a novel series

Constructing a multiple-plot story over time While creating a single novel can be an ambitious project in itself, there are some extra actions you can take if you already have a series concept in mind. If you prepare well from the very beginning, you'll save a lot of time and energy long-term as... More

How to Use ‘i.e.’ Versus ‘e.g.’

Commonly confused. The abbreviations "i.e." and "e.g." are commonly confused. This zone will clear up the difference once and for all so that you can use these abbreviations correctly and with confidence. [donate]Instructions ... More

How to write a conclusion paragraph for an essay

The conclusion paragraph is not simply the “last” paragraph in your essay; it is the elegant “final bow” to your reader that fulfills the promise of your introduction. The conclusion paragraph is not just a restatement of the essay thesis. It represents the writer’s... More

How to write an introduction to your personal essay

Write an attention grabbing introduction to your personal essay There is nothing worse than working hours or even days on a work of personal expression to have it ignored or not satisfy its intended purpose. And there is no other component that can make or break an essay as much as an... More

How to write a research paper using MLA style

The Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines for research paper writing are challenging, but easy to follow A student writer facing the task of doing a major research paper using MLA guidelines might, at first, feel overwhelmed. However, take a breath, and -- as the saying goes -- "eat the... More

How to write the beginning to a story

Filling that blank page When you start to write a story, this part of the story is an invitation to readers, and is vital to the success of the story itself. An introduction to a story which does not pull in the reader will fail. This is why many paperback books are put away before the potential... More

How to create realistic fictional characters

Creating realistic and believable characters is one of the main keys to producing a solid fiction novel. This article will discuss character development techniques that can be used across different genres plus tips for specific character types. [donate]Instructions Step 1 First, you need... More

How to write an informative Internet advice article

How to write an informative Internet article. Often when people are new to writing online, they forget or are unaware of the purpose of online articles. The main reason for writing articles is to inform or entertain the reading public. Writing online articles takes several forms. Whether advice,... More

How to write effective book reviews

Using your experience to help others make decisions Have you ever wondered how you can combine two interests to produce earnings? Reading books is a popular hobby, though often writers miss the opportunity this affords them of writing book reviews. Sharing the details of your experience is a... More