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How to properly research when writing articles

Completing some research is necessary when writing quality articles Many original works are available online and it should not be any problem at all to find writings by the reputable sources that perpetuated the ideas in the first place. Even the writings of the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates,... More

How to become a poet

What you need to do before you can call yourself a poet It has been said that the only difference between being and wanting to be is in the doing. So, if you have always wanted to be a poet, you will be happy to learn that really, there is not much to it. Now, if you can call yourself a good poet... More

How to Write an Informative and Captivating Article Title

Basics of How-To What’s the big deal about titles? Actually, titles are one of the most importance pieces of an article. The title may be the first and last chance you get to grab a reader's attention and pull them in to your article. And it's no surprise that a great title attracts... More

How to write better articles

Tips for improving your writing Writing articles online is a good way to earn money. It is not a fast way to make money, unless a writer is very lucky with a very popular article. A writer spends a long time to build up an article library that will profit on its own. A few sites offer editors, so... More

How to write an effective thesis statement

No matter what the writing task, a good thesis statement is vital The thesis is a brief, but thorough, mention about what the writer intends to convince the reader. It should be just somewhat controversial to emotionally involve the reader, but not so extremist as to alienate someone who might... More

How to write poetry

Tips for writing poetry Most students of poetry have had some exposure to the creative process during their early high school days. One discovery often made early on is that there are many different forms and styles for writing poetry and each poet studied, albeit Shakespere, Browning, or pound,... More

How to write a good conclusion for a personal essay

Writing the conclusion for your personal experience essay Writing a conclusion to an essay is by far the easiest part of the writing process. Many inexperienced writers get hung up on this part because they believe it is harder than it actually is. Most of what goes into the conclusion has... More