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How to address a letter

The art of letter writing You may think that the days of letter writing are well and truly over. Certainly it is a fact that much fewer letters are written nowadays than in days gone by. However, sooner or later you will need to write a letter and address the envelope. When this time comes... More

How to Use Proper Punctuation

Why bother with punctuation? Punctuation is is as important as knowing what to write. Knowing where to place commas, to give the thought a slight break, when to stop the sentence by adding a period, a question mark, or when the excitement is great, an exclamation mark, or a question mark when an... More

How to Get Discount Wedding Rings

When it comes to getting married, cost for everything regarding the wedding can be on the mind. Especially getting married in times of hardship, like a reccession. So how does one shop for wedding rings when the money is tight? Shop "Discount Jewelry Stores". Just because the store say discount... More

How to decorate a church for a wedding

Here comes the bride When you have decided that you are going to get married in church there are many things to think about. You will pick the celebrant, the music and the ceremony. You will also want to decorate the church. Every church has different rules and regulations about what they will... More

How to follow greetings etiquette while in France

The romantic ideas and ideals visitors have about France can be spoiled by overstepping politeness unintentionally. This guide is written so that visitors understand the complexities of greetings, and how they are performed within French society. The French are a very social race, and enjoy... More

How to cook a pork tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin with bacon and brown sugar glaze Pork loin is a dish that is both satisfying and easy to prepare. Depending on the ingredients, marinades or specific flavors, it easily lends itself to both casual and formal dining. The ingredients and flavors can be varied based on preference or... More

How to conceive a girl

Ways to conceive a girl There are many theories that have been discussed over the years to conceive a girl during intercourse. There is a 50% chance that knowing what the sex of the baby will be after conception, will depend on how the act of sex was done to replicate having a girl the second... More

How to be more assertive

How to confidently stand up for yourself Assertiveness is a life skill which enables you to communicate with confidence and dignity. When you know how to be assertive you can gain respect from other people, and reach your goals faster. This is because assertive language makes others listen and... More

How to choose an online dating service

Decide if you are ready to choose a partner online Online dating is the phenomenon of the twenty-first century. It seems everyone is doing it. In this age of computers and the Internet you do not have to find a partner near your home or even in your city. The world is open to online... More

How to lose a girlfriend

Doing it right Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Have you had a girlfriend simply lose interest in your relationship suddenly and it left you baffled? Chances are it was not sudden, but rather you just noticed because you are too busy with your own... More

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