How to conceive a girl

Ways to conceive a girl

There are many theories that have been discussed over the years to conceive a girl during intercourse. There is a 50% chance that knowing what the sex of the baby will be after conception, will depend on how the act of sex was done to replicate having a girl the second time around. One method that has shown some success has been in the missionary position with the man on top. After the act of intercourse has been achieved a man must develop control of the woman’s passion. Her excitement has a lot to do with helping determine the sex of the baby. The following guide will show you some proven steps to help in obtaining a girl during the act of sex.


Step 1

The prelude to increasing the odds of girl conception

Of course the prelude has to do with foreplay in exciting the female. Building her passion and making her climax several times before the act, opens her fallopian tubes. This give the sperm a better chance of reaching their destination with her egg. Ovulation of the female triggers the release of estrogen in the woman’s body and increases the chances of conceiving a girl during conception.

Step 2

Increasing the odds of a baby girl

The man’s sperm determines the sex of the child. It is important that he stay in control during the act of making love. He can control the chances by staying on top with the woman’s legs bent back towards her chest. He can use his arms to hold her legs back as he ejaculates.

This will ensure that the sperm has less distance to travel to the fertile egg.

Step 3

Increasing the chances further for a baby girl

After the man has climaxed he should not withdraw himself from the woman for at least five minutes after the climax is over. He should relax inside of her to keep the body temp of the woman constant. The release of hormones by the woman then takes over the process. The man should remain inside her to keep his sperm from leaking out, thus increasing the chances of making a baby girl. The difference at conception is one to two degrees in body temp between a boy or a girl, and the one degree drop in body temp is what your going for in conception of a baby girl.

Things you may need
• His and hers baby oil
• Low music for passion stimulation
• Foreplay
• kissing and touching
• (Man) Staying power
• Control of tempo and leverage

Tips & Warnings
• Stay in control of being on top. (Man)
• Woman should control the tempo.
• Focus on building up your sperm and don’t climax prematurely.
• Stay inside your partner for at least five minutes.
• Strive for complete stimulation of the woman.
• Warnings: Avoid premature ejaculation. If you have a history of heart problems consult your doctor before doing the sex act.


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