How to decorate a church for a wedding

Here comes the bride

When you have decided that you are going to get married in church there are many things to think about. You will pick the celebrant, the music and the ceremony. You will also want to decorate the church. Every church has different rules and regulations about what they will and will not allow. Be sure you understand all the restrictions before you begin to make your decorating plans.


Step 1

Have a discussion

One of the thing you will want to discuss with your minister or priest is what decorations they allow in their church. They will tell you what they allow and what is not allowed. In some Catholic Churches the decorations are not allowed on the main altar but must be placed to the front or side of the altar. Some churches prefer fresh flowers over artificial and others won’t care either way. Just ask.

Step 2


Flowers are one of the main components of decorating the church for your wedding. You can start with the doors, will they be open or closed? You may want to have wreaths of fresh or artificial flowers for the doors. In the sanctuary of the church there may be large vases that you can fill with fresh flowers or you can place an arrangement on the altar if it is allowed or in front of the altar. If there are side altars, some brides and grooms choose to place arrangements on them as well. Ask the celebrant if the flowers are to be left in the church for the weekly service or if they want you to remove them.

Step 3

The runner

The aisle runner is also part of your decoration of the church. Most brides choose a white aisle runner. Before you rent or buy your runner be sure that the church allows them. Some churches with marble aisles don’t allow them because they are a hazard to guests. They can move when walked upon and cause people to fall down.

Step 4


One way to decorate the church for your wedding is with greenery. It can talk the form of topiary plants at the entrance or green plants and vines. Especially during the Christmas season, greenery on the doors and on the pews is very appropriate and beautiful as well. Pmanders are also part of the winter decor.

Step 5


The pews are another blank canvas for a brides creativity. Some chose to use bows on the pews, others floral arrangements. These can take the form of a single flower such as a calla lily with green behind them or baby’s breath. Depending on your color scheme, there are hundreds of options. Some churches offer the option of candles in the aisles for the wedding. You can then also choose to decorate the candles poles with flowers or ribbons. Tulle, gauze and pearls are also very wedding appropriate and add a touch of romance.

Step 6

The bride

What ever decorations you choose should in no way overshadow the bride. She is the center of attention when she comes down the aisle, the decorations should enhance her, not take away any attention. Better to be understated than to take any of the shine from the bride.

Things Needed
• A color scheme
• Flowers
• Aisle runner
• Tulle, ribbons, pearls
• Candles

Tips & Warnings
• Never forget that the bride is the main decoration on her wedding day everything else is secondary.
• Try to pick flowers that are in season, it makes it easier to find them and less expensive to purchase them.


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