How to Get Discount Wedding Rings

How to Get Discount Wedding Rings

When it comes to getting married, cost for everything regarding the wedding can be on the mind. Especially getting married in times of hardship, like a reccession. So how does one shop for wedding rings when the money is tight? Shop «Discount Jewelry Stores».

Just because the store say discount or discounted doesn’t mean you’re getting a piece of junk jewelry. This zone is designed to give you some insight into shopping at discount stores for wedding rings, while in the process save a bit of money.


Step 1

First, if you have the time, shop around. You can find great deals on wedding rings at discount stores. Most are of good quality too. Just because you’re shopping at a discount jewelry store doesn’t mean you’re going to get something bad.

Step 2

See what type of reputation the jeweler has. You can do this by contacting then BBB, see if they have a good or bad report on the type of business they conduct.

Step 3

You can get some great wedding rings at discounted prices at pawn shops. That’s right, pawn shops, for a fraction of the cost you’d pay retail.

If neither of you care about who has worn the rings before, then give this way some thought. There are quality rings to be had if you shop this way.

Step 4

Check out the jewerly hubs in the middle of malls. Most of these vendors buy mass amounts of jewelry and sale them at discounted prices.

The quality of the jewelry sold at these locations might not be of the highest grade, but usually it isn’t the cheapest grade of jewelry either.

If you can find what you both like, at a fraction of the cost shopping this way, go for it. Getting married isn’t about wedding rings, although they are outward symbols of your committment to one another, so don’t put to much emphasis on the types of wedding rings bought.

You will Need
• Patience
• Perseverance
• Good Attitude

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t be hasty
• Shop around
• Think outside the box
• Remember what getting married is about
• Shop pawn shops
• Check out outlet stores.


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