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How to greet the Queen of England

Greeting the Queen isn't something you do every day, although there may arise the opportunity of being invited to a function at Buckingham Palace, or simply being in the right place at the right time. Whatever the occasion, you will want to make an impression which doesn't make you look... More

How to address an envelope

The importance of addressing an envelope correctly Even though the majority of people now communicate by means of email, there are still occasions that call for sending a letter through the mail. One example of this is sending a greeting card, such as a Christmas card or a birthday card. It is... More

How to write a business letter

Proper format for a business letter Business letters are formal in style and follow a certain format. Companies have their own letterhead stationary on which formal business letters are written. The form generally used in business letters is the block format that lends a crisp look... More

How to deal with a noisy neighbor

Dealing with loud neighbors A man's home is his castle and it is supposed to be a place where relaxation is possible. Unfortunately this is not always the case. There are times when a neighbor is inconsiderate and makes not only relaxing but sleeping and entertaining impossible. What are the... More

How to properly display an American flag

Flying the stars and stripes Nothing brings a feeling of patriotism like seeing the red white and blue furling in the breeze. Ever since Betsy Ross stitched the first American flag it has been a symbol of everything that the United States stands for. From the tattered remains flying over Fort... More

How to get a temporary phone number

How to obtain a disposable phone number A disposable phone number can be permanent or temporary. Getting one to give away for short tem business transactions or to people that have no business having access to a home landline or cell phone number reserved for friends, family and long standing... More

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