How to find and enjoy fireworks at Invesco Field

No matter what the day entailed, from a picnic in Denver City Park to spending time at your favorite fishing hole, your July 4th celebration should end by singing along to some glorious rendition of «The Star Spangled Banner» and big fireworks booming and coloring the Denver, Colorado night sky.

This holiday is a great day to celebrate inside the Denver-Metro area inside Invesco Field at Mile High, with family and friends.

Make this fabulous night one to remember by locating the great «Mile-High» display and being prepared for the event, the following hints and suggestions will help create a perfect night.


Step 1

Investigate the possibilities

The Denver Outlaws schedule

Enjoy an evening at Invesco Field at Mile High when the Denver Outlaws host Washington in a game of 4th of July lacrosse. The game starts at 7 p.m. with fireworks after the game.

The Denver Post

All the news and information for the Rocky Mountain region as well as the Denver Metro area.

Step 2

Buy your tickets

The Invesco Field at Mile High, July 4th festivities are a popular and fun destination for many Coloradans as well as a lot of tourists, so buy your tickets in advance and arrive early to get comfortable before game time.

Step 3

At the game

Don’t forget that you are in Colorado where the weather changes quickly, it is better to be prepared with things you might need for your comfort.

Take along a little something warm, even in the summer it can get chilly at night in the» Mile-High-City» so to keep the chill off — be prepared!

At the foot of the Rocky Mountains it can rain or even snow, yes snow in July, so have that pocket or mini-umbrella handy, just in case.

Step 4


Invesco Field requires that visitors must pass through security checks.

Coolers are not allowed, but backpacks up to 12″ x 12″ x 12″ are permitted.

Visitors are allowed to bring food and beverages to Invesco Field, but alcohol is prohibited.

Take along snacks could include:

Baggies of popcorn

Easy to handle-mini-cupcakes

Homemade individually wrapped hunks of homemade fudge

Child-sized-bottled water, lemonade or soda (For a lighter load in your backpack.)

Things Needed
• Local newspaper with site locations of the event. (Rocky Mountain News)
• Tickets
• Printed directions to the event, from your locale.
• The location of safe parking.
• Cash to pay for parking.
• Small backpack to carry:
• Snacks
• Water/beverages
• Don’t forget these:
• Jacket/Sweater
• Lap blanket
• Small umbrella

Tips & Warnings
• In 2009, more than 21,000 people attended the festivities including the game and fireworks — arrive early.
• Expect weather changes and be ready, rain, snow, and wind are common in Colorado. and the nights are cool.
• For snackage and beverages, think small for easy carrying.


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