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How to get your man to do housework

Getting a man to be manly. Although the role of housework has always been associated with the fairer sex, so has baby making and staying at home to prepare meals. Roles have changed. Not only are women expected to compete in the job market, but many men are finding themselves in the situation of... More

How to say ‘I love you’ without words

Simple ways to show your spouse you love them Whether you have been married for years, or you are just starting out in a relationship adventure, romance is vital. It is common for those involved in a relationship, especially long-term, to be overtaken in the day-to-day of life. When this happens,... More

How to show others you care

Ways to express that you care Showing others you care is simple and should be second nature to most people, but apparently it isn’t. There are often questions surrounding this topic as it assumes a cloud of mystery. Although it is unknown, where this belief comes from it appears to exist... More

How to accept a workaholic husband

Getting to grips with living with a workaholic Every day, your man leaves the house filled with plans for the day. These are not plans based on family and home responsibilities. These are work plans. No matter what the weather, out he steps at the crack of dawn to fulfill his obligation to work.... More

How to write a poem for your wife

Husbands, show your wife how much you love her, by writing a poem. This How-To Guide will walk you through each step to the finished poem. Let your creative writing juices flow, and compose the special love poem that will speak to your wife's heart. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Decide what... More

How to avoid falling into an emotional affair

Preventing an emotional affair Nine times out of ten, physical affairs began with an emotional attachment two individuals establish amongst themselves. Unfortunately, if these individuals are in a devoted relationship with others or are just not in the right place and time for a commitment, an... More

How to bring the spark back to your marriage!

Ignite the spark in your marriage relationship. Re-start the fire in your relationship tonight. Every marriage relationship experiences ups and downs. If your marriage is experiencing a down time and it seems like there is no hope of the relationship surviving, think again. The fire that once... More

How to buy a second-year wedding anniversary gift

Tips for buying a second year wedding anniversary gift While the second year of marriage pales in comparison with ten, fifteen, or twenty years of marriage and beyond; it is still an achievement worth celebrating. Most couples are still getting to know one another during the second year of... More

How to change a roll of toilet paper

Replacing the toilet paper when the roll is empty If you discover at the end of your bathroom visit that you have depleted the roll of toilet paper, it is your duty to pull off the empty tube and replace it with a new fresh roll. Neglecting to do so may be cause for personal penalty points (PPP,... More

How to spot a lie in five simple steps

Learn how to tell if someone is lying to you Lying is something most people will do in the course of their lives, many on a daily basis. Lies can come in big or small packages, from white lies meant to spare hurt feelings or avoid conflict, to large lies intended to cover up a greater issue or... More

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