How to buy a second-year wedding anniversary gift

Tips for buying a second year wedding anniversary gift

While the second year of marriage pales in comparison with ten, fifteen, or twenty years of marriage and beyond; it is still an achievement worth celebrating.

Most couples are still getting to know one another during the second year of matrimony, and this tends to add to the challenge of purchasing that perfect wedding anniversary gift.

Here’s a simple how-to-guide to help the gift-giving challenged find a great second year wedding anniversary gift for that special someone.


Step 1

Go with tradition

Tradition has it that a 2nd-year anniversary gift should consist of cotton. If you stick with tradition, your options are limitless.

Step 2

Think about who you are buying the gift for

Purchasing the perfect 2nd-year wedding anniversary gift can be as simple as getting to know the likes and dislike of the recipient.

Pay attention to the person’s personality, the person’s attire, what interest them, what activities the person is involved with, and what the person talks about.

These are great gift-giving clues.

If you are still at a lost, do a little snooping. Ask friends, family members and acquaintances if the recipeint has dropped any helpful hints.

Step 3

Opt for practical or eccentric

Depending on who you are shopping for, you can opt for a more practical wedding anniversary gift, or you can go eccentric.

Practical 2nd-year anniversary wedding anniversary gift ideas could include: cotton his and her spa robes, cotton sofa throws, cotton personalized bath towels and Egyptian cotton bedsheets.

Eccentric 2nd-year wedding anniversary gift ideas could include: a cotton hammock swing, a cotton bed lounge, a cotton net chair and cotton Japanese his and hers Yukatas.

Step 4

Go alternative modern

Expand your gift giving options by opting for the alternate modern material for the 2nd-year anniversary — China.

In addition to dishes, china candlestick holders, ornaments, statues, decanters, mugs, trays, tea cups and saucers make for great gifts.

Take your gift giving up a notch and opt for a china brooch, china earrings, necklaces or bracelets.

Step 5

Stick to a budget

You can purchase a 2nd-year wedding anniversary gift far within your budget. Determine what you can spend and spend accordingly.

There are plenty of affordable options such as: cotton his and hers matching pajama sets, cotton bedroom slippers, cotton bedsheets and cotton table napkins.

Things Needed
• A good knowledge of your spouse.
• A knowledge of what tradition calls for.
• A knowledge of what alternative modern calls for.
• Monetary funds.

Tips & Warnings
• Do not purchase personal items such as lingere or boxer shorts if you are purchasing for a couple. Let the couple make these types of purchases.
• Stay within your budget.
• Provide a gift receipt in case an exchange or a return needs to be made.
• If you choose to have a gift engraved, make sure that it is engraved with the correct names, initials, quotes and/or dates.
• When purchasing bedding, make sure you know the size of the bed and pillows.
• When purchasing for clothing and/or footwear, make sure you know the correct size.


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