How to show others you care

How to show others you care

Ways to express that you care

Showing others you care is simple and should be second nature to most people, but apparently it isn’t. There are often questions surrounding this topic as it assumes a cloud of mystery. Although it is unknown, where this belief comes from it appears to exist so evidentially, some questions are in order.

Do you believe this subject is complicated or is there a reason people now find it so hard to express their feelings for others? Have we become jaded about emotions? Have we over expressed so many of them and over used words like love or caring, that they seem untrue? Well, let’s step backwards if that is what is needed and find the simple tips for showing others you care about them.


Step 1

Honestly tell them you care

Say so! Be genuine when you express how you feel and do not feel obligated to use overworked words.

Step 2

Do things for them

Show them you care with little deeds you do without being asked. Pitching in with a job they are doing while you are visiting or helping out with the kids will be much appreciated.

Step 3

Go the extra mile

Respond to things they say without being expected to such as looking up an answer to a question they posed. Doesn’t mean much in time to you, but may mean a lot to the overworked, tired individual who has little time to check stuff out.

Step 4

Shop for them

Call or ask them if you can bring something back for them when you go to a takeout food place or when you make a grocery or other shopping trip.

Step 5

Keep in touch

Call them on the phone or call on them in person to just check on them or ask them how they are doing. Ask them everyday about their day.

Step 6

Give them litttle gifts

Give them some little something just for so. No special occasion, but a little inexpensive or no cost gift will be appreciated. Did they recently share the fact that they needed to buy a calculator or an everyday watch and you have an extra item like this in a drawer not doing anything and you could part with it? You may have saved them money with this small act of kindness.

Step 7

Feed them

Bring them food. Maybe you just baked cookies and could share. The special at the take out place or grocery store means you could get something extra very inexpensively or even for free, but it is more then you can use. Share with them. Invite them to lunch or cook them dinner.

Step 8

Bring them growing things

Bring them some flowers growing in your garden that you believe they would like. You could put them in a vase, take them as a bouquet, or even take something they could replant in their yard.

Step 9

Meet their unexpected needs

Suddenly they need a dressy purse or a suit jacket for some special occasion that you could supply for them from a wardrobe that no longer fits or is used. Maybe their babysitter cancelled at the last moment- fill in for them.

Step 10

Celebrate their important days

Remember all their special days such as their birthday, anniversary, or when they moved into your neighborhood. Look for special days that are meaningful to them or both of you and celebrate in small ways. You might bring a cake you made or decorate their house for them if they are unable.

Things Needed
• To truly appreciate your loved one
• Ability to show you care
• Tokens of your affection
• Take the time to grow this relationship

Tips & Warnings
• You can show you care without being overly sentimental or mushy, just be considerate.
• Always be truthful and genuine or your attemtpts to show caring will not be accepted.


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