How to stay married

Five ways to make a marriage succeed

In today’s society, «happily ever after» seems to work only in fairy tales. Marriages are no longer held in high esteem like they once were 20 to 30 years ago.

People stay married until their physical attraction wanes or until their emotional needs are not met anymore, or until other problems — serious or not — arise.

Internal as well as external influences make it that much more of a challenge to keep a marriage afloat.

For those who genuinely want to make their marriage a successful one, here are five tried-and-tested tips to implement in your marriage.


Step 1

Never take a casual view of marriage

Far too often, men and women take a casual view of marriage. Many feel that if things do not work out, they can simply get a divorce.

On the contrary, marriage is a sacred union. When a couple enters into a marriage with the right attitude, then they will appreciate the seriousness of such a union and treat it with the dignity and respect it so deserves.

Step 2

Be a responsible husband

A husband has a weighty responsibility. In addition to being the head of the household, a husband is usually the breadwinner as well as the the one responsible for the physical safety of his wife and family.

Add to that list — the one responsible for his family’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. When weighty matters are involved, the wife often looks to him for the final say.

A responsible husband will shoulder such a task with strength, dignity, respect and honor for all his family members.

It comes as no surprise then, that husbands have been compared to the head of the body. If the head is destroyed, than the entire body comes crashing down.

In retrospect, if a husband is not a responsible head, then the breakdown of the marriage and the family unit can be disastrous.

Step 3

Be a supportive wife

If the husband is the head of the marriage, then the woman is the neck. A wife can be a complement to her husband by providing him with the loving support he so needs. Instead of competing with her husband, a supportive wife promotes peace within her marriage.

While this does not mean that she has no say what-so-ever, dignifying her husband, showing respect for his decisions, and being supportive pays huge dividends.

Essentially, it renews his sense of manhood.

Step 4

Realize there will be challanges

No marriage is perfect. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that all marriages will be put to the test. Financial problems, serious illness, the stresses of raising children and making a day-to-day living are just a few of the challenges couples face.

Fortunately, these challenges need not weaken a marriage. The quicker both spouses take off the rose colored glasses and realize that there will be challenges, the quicker they will get to resolving them.

Step 5

Be faithful to each other

Nothing does more to undermine a marriage than infidelity.

Whether it is of the physical or emotional kind, infidelity is infidelity.

Outside influences are so abundant and rampant today, that cheating is now considered an alternative lifestyle.

With the invent of social networking sites, it has become far too easy for past loves, exes, or unhappy spouses to reach out and connect elsewhere.

Then there are those who work with or have daily dealings with acquaintances who encourage them to stray (it’s the «do whatever makes you happy» mentality instead of the work on the happiness of your marriage mentality).

Remaining faithful to your spouse is achievable however if you:

  1. make a commitment to keep eyes, ears, and hearts only for each other
  2. give your spouse his or her «due» (physical and emotional)
  3. never withhold intimacy due to problems or disagreements
  4. romance each other often (go beyond the physical intimacy — show affection by writing small love notes, embracing, kissing, cuddling and doing small gestures to show your appreciation for your spouse)
  5. keep the lines of communication open
  6. be open, honest, and quick about repairing minor problems to prevent them from turning them into bigger ones.

Things Needed
• A realistic attitude.
• A supportive wife.
• A responsible husband.
• A willingness to resolve problems.
• Loyalty.
• Genuine love.

Tips & Warnings
• Be quick to resolve issues.
• Learn to be forgiving. Once you forgive — forget about it.
• Never allow internal or external influences negatively affect your marriage.
• Grow through problems don’t just go through them.


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