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How to sooth a teething baby

Is drooling, biting, crankiness and tears of your baby making you restless? Teething is considered to be a difficult period of a child's developmental stage and some babies may suffer more than others. Wondering how to soothe your teething baby? [donate]Instructions Step 1 Know the signs:... More

How to reduce cat litter box odor

You share many precious moments with your furry feline: from nose kisses to playful games and so much more. However, that odor coming from your cat's litter box is something that you may not want to share with your feline companion. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done before you... More

How to use quilt clips on baby bedding

Being a parent can be a lot of fun because parents can basically dress up their babies and decorate their room any way they please. Although many things are considered hazardous to a babies health during the early stages of their lives, parents' can often find ways to still decorate their babies... More

How to feed your puppy

Weaning Puppies to Kibble Starting a litter of puppies on puppy chow is a fun but messy time in your litter's development No do not give puppies milk. Unless it is a puppy formula recommended by your Veterinarian. I start feeding my puppies puppy kibble about 3 weeks. Mom is starting to wear down... More

How to tell if a horse is the correct weight

Much like humans, horses can develop health problems if they are too fat or too thin. A horse that is too fat runs the risk of a laminitic incident, developing insulin resistance, and having various levels of pain in his joints due to arthritic changes taking place from the extra weight. All of... More

How to use a gouge chisel

A gouge chisel is used for carving though what is special about it is that it adds depth to the carving. This is the tool for burrowing out areas of wood, which have already been defined, to give a carving shape. These come in various sizes, and the size you choose to use will depend upon the... More

How to travel easily with kids

Traveling with kids can be challenging and make the actual trip seem even longer. No matter the medium of transportation, children often tend to complain about the distance and the time that it takes. How can we make the travel smoother and more enjoyable for both children and parents? Parents'... More

How to choose car speakers

Quality music comes from a quality speaker.  This couldn't be more true than in a vehicle where road distortion and vehicle sounds often times impede the ability of the audio enthusiast to truly enjoy their music.  Music is able to make a drive go by a little easier and has the ability... More

Complexion 101: How to achieve flawless skin

Flawless skin is one feature of a woman that can literally take years off her appearance and it's no surprise to see the lengths some will go to achieve this, even to the point of cosmetic surgery. A less expensive and less dangerous method is the use of cosmetic products. Complexion 101 is a... More

How the radio spectrum works

The radio spectrum is the lower portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.  The radio spectrum is below both the infrared spectrum and the visible spectrum.  The sections of the radio spectrum are called bands.  These bands are subdivided into frequencies and even further divided... More