How to earn coins in Haypi Kingdom

How to earn coins in Haypi Kingdom

In the popular game Haypi Kingdom (for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad), coins are a very valuable resource. With coins, you can buy treasure, money, resources, or perform special actions such as upgrades or unlocking boxes. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to acquire these helpful coins:

>>> Daily Gift <<<

The first way that you can get coins, is to get them from your Daily Gift. Although this is based on complete chance, you still may get coins from time to time. You can also actually increase your chance of getting better Daily Gifts by going into “General” and then adding points to your Fortune attribute. The more points you add (via attribute points or treasure equipment), the higher chance you will have of getting coins. Also, it has been said that connecting your Facebook profile (found under “Management”, in “General”), will increase your Daily Gift as well.

>>> Buy Coins <<<

If you want to get coins fast, then you can always buy them from the “Shop” tab in the game. You will have to use real money to do this, so if you aren’t up to spending money on this game, then you can always go about earning coins for free.

>>> Buy Apps <<<

Buying apps is a great way to earn coins because not only do you get coins for your money, but you also get an app! To do this, go to “Shop”, and then tap on “Earn Free Coins”. You’ll then be brought to the in-game app store where you can choose an app to buy. When you tap on the app that you want, you will then be re-directed to the Apple App Store, where you buy the app following the normal procedures. Then, once the app has finished downloading, then you can open it and the coins will be credited to your Haypi account!

>>> Download Free Apps <<<

If you don’t want to spend money on apps, then you can always download the free ones. To download free apps and earn coins, you follow the same procedure as before, but instead download apps that don’t cost any money. This is a great way to earn Haypi Kingdom coins as well as discover some cool new apps.

>>> Open A Chest <<<

From time to time, you can get coins from opening treasure chests and boxes. Gold and silver boxes actually require coins to open, so it is a gamble to see if the treasure you get is worth the coins you spend. However, coins can sometimes be found in these boxes and chests!

Use your coins wisely and with strategy – they are an asset that should be spent with careful consideration!


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