How to increase employee productivity

How to increase employee productivity

Employee productivity is something that supervisors are always trying to increase. When employees are working hard and departments are producing results, the job of the manager can feel pretty good. However, this is often easier said than done as groups of employee can struggle with attitude, motivation, and production problems. Most managers are constantly looking for ways to get a bit more out of their departments, and this can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Here are a few thoughts on how to increase employee productivity.


Sometimes it is appropriate to do some analysis of employee work habits, departmental procedures, work flow, office environment, job responsibilities, job descriptions, and resources. In other words, sometimes departments and divisions get into a rut because they have done the same thing for a long period of time. There are always ways to make a process more efficient, but sometimes people are just too afraid of doing some work, which makes them unwilling to do some thoughtful analysis.


If managers are willing to do some analysis, they may find that particular individuals are in the wrong jobs. Or, it may be appropriate to shuffle responsibilities and give certain people new challenges or new tasks to complete. Granted, this is not always welcome because employees themselves can get a bit comfortable with their tasks because they are familiar, even if they do not love their jobs. In addition, there may be times when supervisors have to start a process of removing certain employees who are not a good fit for the department or who may not be a good influence on other employees.

Look for incentives

There are times when employee productivity will only increase if there is some sort of incentive attached. This can be a bit tricky in certain cases because supervisors may not have a lot of resources to offer their employees, though there may be small things that are possible to use as incentives. What is important with motivation is for the supervisor to make sure that they do not make assumptions about what motivates their employees. Just because something motivates the supervisor does not mean that it will motivate the employee.

Ask for feedback

Finally, there are many situations where it may be beneficial to get certain employees involved in a process of dialogue and brainstorming. In many cases, the employees themselves have the best ideas on how to increase productivity. If the supervisor gets the employees more involved in the process, the may be more motivated just by being a part of the conversation because they have more ownership over production decisions. Therefore, if the supervisor can get employees involved without totally handing over control, it may be a great way to create a team environment that leads to increased employee productivity and more outcomes for the organization.


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