How to travel easily with kids

How to travel easily with kids

Traveling with kids can be challenging and make the actual trip seem even longer. No matter the medium of transportation, children often tend to complain about the distance and the time that it takes. How can we make the travel smoother and more enjoyable for both children and parents?

Parents’ attitude
Children can sense when you’re stress and they tend to stress themselves. Therefore, the calmer you are, the more your child will feel at ease. It is essential for you to prepare yourself psychologically for the trip and keep things in control. Another important step is to be organized. If you prepare all items, luggage and necessary documents on time, you will feel at ease and won’t stress unnecessary.

Give children responsibilities
Children like to be useful. For this reason, don’t underestimate them and give them certain responsibilities when it comes to preparing their luggage and choosing the toys they want to take with for the trip. By giving them certain tasks, they will concentrate on executing them, instead of complaining and being bored.

Fun activities while travelling by Bus or by Plane
Whether you’re traveling by plain or by car, make sure your child has taken his/her favourite toys, CDs, books and crayons. Air travel has become more entertaining nowadays with the introduction of multimedia entertainment in long distance flights and easier to handle when it comes to going to the toilette. Whether you’re travelling by bus or by plane, you can use this opportunity to spend one-on-one time with your child. Reading a story or help him/her colour in a picture will make the trip a special time and make your child feel special.

Traveling by car
If you’re a the main driver, the journey can become not only physically exhausting for you, by nerve breaking, because of your child’s complains. An easy was to fix the monotonous experience is to put your child’s favourite music so you can all sing along to her/his preferred songs. Kids like their parents to appreciate the music they like, as it makes them feel accepted and secure.

Best game for car travel
Give your child different assignments. For example, ask him/her to count all the red cars that will pass by during the next 5 minutes. Then, all the white cars and so on. During the game, you can give your the child a certain time limit. Before you start the game, you should each try to guess, the colour of the cars that will be the most. Whoever loses, should sing a song or tell a story.

The possibilities to make a journey exciting are endless. The most important thing for you is not to stress and let your irritation be noticed, as it will make your children feel anxious. The more anxious they are, the more exhausting the journey will be.


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