How to avoid being overwhelmed with email

How to avoid being overwhelmed with email

Ever gone to check your email and been faced with a whole mess of messages that takes around half an hour or more to decipher?

Emails build up over time and can build up to quite a few in less than an hour for some people.

The following points highlight some of the ways to end up with an inbox that’s easy to keep tidy:

— Check your email on a regular basis

It may seem logical and how often you check your email depends on how much email you think you will receive in a week. 

The amount of email you receive depends on your online activities, how often you spend time on the net and how many newsletters and other items you sign up for. For example, using programs such as Google alert can create many emails depending on the alerts you’ve subscribed to. Using social media such as Facebook can also create a great deal of mail in your inbox.

The habit and frequency in checking email really depends on these types of things and can be based on other factors such as you being a business professional or an individual. 

In short, if you think you’re going to receive over 300 emails by Sunday, it’s best not to wait until Sunday to check your inbox.  Every 1-2 days is a good measure to begin with and every day may apply if you’re a business professional.

— Unsubscribe, Unsubscribe, Unsubscribe.

Surfing the net is fun, subscribing to newsletters is fun, finding new products is fun and so is getting emails for the latest products.  Wanting to learn and be knowledgeable is a great thing. But, the best thing to do is to filter these out every now and then to keep the information you want to receive in the future and separate that from the information you no longer want to receive.

Unsubscribing is simple and usually means clicking on a link within your email.

This is one of the main ways to keep you from receiving an overload of email messages.

Unsubscribing from an email option may not necessarily mean that you will not receive messages you want to have.  Some websites that you become a member of give the option to send you an email message.  The option can usually be chosen by the user just by ticking or un-ticking a box in settings.

There are individuals that love receiving email and having a nice collection of messages to go through.  For a business, it can be a good or bad sign and for an individual it can also be a good or bad sign.

Being bombarded with unwanted emails, however, is something no one wants or has the time for.

In conclusion, the best thing to avoid hundreds of emails at once is to check the email regularly and unsubscribe to emails you no longer need.


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