How to write emails that women will respond to

How to write emails that women will respond to

It’s actually the only mystery left regarding the internet; how do you write an email to a woman in such a way as to almost guarantee a response; which means a positive or good response of course.

It’s a fact of life that for the most part, its men that do most of the initiating on the Internet, even on dating sites. Men read through profiles, or read blogs or see something someone has posted somewhere; or read Facebook walls or look at pictures wherever they can find them; all in the hope that when they find someone to contact, that the person they have chosen, will actually respond back.

It’s a harsh game; one that puts men in a defensive mode and women in the position of playing gatekeeper; which isn’t all the different from how things work in the real world.

The problem is, after getting a lot of rejection, which means getting no response at all, or one that isn’t kind, how do men keep from getting cynical and sending less than kind or blunt messages? Or how do they keep from giving up altogether?

The answer lies in learning how to write an email or message that a woman is likely to feel compelled to reply to; and that means writing to her in such a way as to convince her that you really do want something more from her than what her body can offer you; even if that really is all you want.

And how do you do that?

By writing about things that pique interest; for example, if in her profile she happens to mention something about liking Nine Inch Nails, (a band that is or was just Trent Reznor) you quite naturally would  Google the band or the guy, and maybe find some of his most popular lyrics and then, when you write to this girl you pose a question to her, either about those lyrics or using them in a way to ask a question that is somehow related to them, to show her you have more to you than all those other losers that write stupid things to her all the time.

See? It really is that easy. The key is in looking very closely at the information you are given, and then using that information to gain access to the parts of her mind that are open to possibility.

Also, don’t mention how she looks, how her looks make you feel, or what you would like to do with or to her. That would help a lot.


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