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How credit cards can ruin your life

Credit cards can ruin your life in one of two ways. Either you can be coaxed into habitually spending above your means and using credit to support this or you can use a credit card with an insecure financial situation and accidentally acquire charges which you can't pay off. In either situation... More

How to avoid spending more than you can afford

Temptations looms everywhere: seeing television ads, Internet ads, or even just visiting at a friend's house. You see that something that looks good or could just be useful. You know you don't own one but would like to have one. Yet, you know that you don't need to keep spending and you want to... More

How to reduce grocery bills

With the economy as it is these days, more and more people are looking for ways to cut their monthly expenses. One place that we can easily reduce spending is at the grocery store. As a mother of five young men, I have always looked for ways to reduce the cost of their endless appetites. Like... More

How to save money on entertainment

Entertainment may not be a biological necessity like food or shelter, but finding ways to relax and have fun is vital to a person's mental health. When living on a budget, staying entertained takes a bit more thought and creativity, but it really is possible to enjoy life without spending a... More

Guide to credit repair

An individual can improve their credit score. I will show some valuable instructions, not as a financial guru, but as a helper. It takes time, disciple, effort to improve and changing habits. Most people who have bad credit, the choices of obtaining more credit is hard. You don't qualify for... More

How to use printable grocery coupons

Why pay retail if you don't have to?  Online printable grocery coupons can be used to save money on food, personal care products, pet supplies, and household products.  They are every bit as useful and valid as those found in the Sunday paper, in the mail, and in store fliers.  The... More

How to save money using balance transfer credit cards

How to save money using balance transfer credit cards is a process which more and more people are examining in the wake of Credit Crunch and the continually high levels of interest charged on credit card balances in relation to bank base rates. Saving money on balance transfer credit cards is... More

How to go on a financial fast

Going on a financial fast takes courage and discipline. Americans, and many other people in the world, are used to convenience, quality, and having what we want NOW. If you decide on a 'financial fast,' it can be done, and it may be good for you, but be sure that your marriage, family, friends,... More

How to handle collection agencies

If you fall behind on your debt payments then naturally your creditors have every right to contact you to try and recover the amount which you owe to them. Your creditors are the institution which advanced lending to you, such as your credit card provider or the issuer of a loan. Often when... More

How long you should rent before you buy a house?

Whether you go for a rental house or buying a house, it all depends upon your necessity, your marital status, your family size, your employment status, your earnings in your employment or through business, trends that prevail in the real estate market, funds availability both through your savings... More