How to avoid unwanted fees when ordering online

How to avoid unwanted fees when ordering online

"Free Trial"! We have all seen these advertisements online. Some of you may have even tried these programs claiming to shed pounds, grow hair, or become rich. Some of you may have even become ensnared into paying exorbitant amounts for products that originally were supposed to be inexpensive. Usually in these situations, when you try to contact the company that is charging you, they inform you that your purchase was authorized and they cannot refund you.

Here are some great tips on how to avoid this situation.

Terms and Conditions

Always locate the Terms and Conditions link before you input any of your information. This page will always tell you about everything that comes with this "free" offer. This way you can still order if you would like to but you know what to expect and you can cancel these programs quickly before you receive charges. You can also then ask to be taken off of the mailing list, put on the "do-not-call" list, in order to avoid receiving product offers that you do not wish to get and to avoid spam email.

Use Google

Google the program to see if there are a lot of complaints about the product. Realize that these products may have thousands of people ordering them, and so anything less than one hundred complaints should be not too disconcerting. Realize that even bigger companies like Wal-Mart and Disney have complaints filed against them.

Cancel Unwanted Programs

Most companies will send out a confirmation email that again will tell you what was ordered. Also check any email that you may get afterward that you may not recognize as these may be from the other "companion" programs that came with you order. If you see such emails you can call and cancel the program.

Also, most programs give you a free trial and then enroll you to continue if you do not call and cancel. If you do get a charge, the best thing to do is to call the customer service number listed beside the charge. This should help you to resolve the issue much faster than going to your bank. If there is no number your bank can get a number for you. If the matter still cannot be resolved after speaking with the company, take it to your bank; they should be able to help.

These are just some basic tips to help you avoid unwanted charges on your credit card from purchasing online programs. Above all else, do your homework and know what you are getting into. Although it may be convenient to blame the company for pulling the wool over your eyes, as an informed consumer it is your job to know what you are signing up for.


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