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How to live more economically

To live more economically, become aware of and accountable for your present spending habits. Start with six key areas of excess (of which we're all guilty) to put yourself on the road to living within your means and saving for the future. 1. Keep track and compete with yourself. Accountability... More

A look at how interest on credit cards is calculated

If we are to take a look at how interest on credit cards is calculated, we should do so in close conjunction with the way in which the credit card is used. This is not just because the credit card provider is likely to charge different interest rates for different services associated with the... More

Strategies for buying second

Savvy shoppers know that used products can be a great value. Thrift shops, second-hand stores, pawn shops, carport and yard sales - all these establishments offer second-hand goods.1. Make a plan.Don't go shopping just to go shopping. Take a moment and consider what you're really after. A lamp... More

How to create a secure PIN number that is easy to remember

A secure PIN number that is easy to remember can definitely go a long way. Not only will it ensure that you will never forget it, but it will also save you from the trouble of having to notify the Customer Service Department in case your card is withheld by the ATM after three failed attempts.... More

Broke? How to get credit companies to work with you

Credit Card companies, believe it or not, WILL work with you to find a way to pay off your debt with them. I have learned from extensive experience in this department that the key is to be upfront and honest and to exaggerate your poverty as much as you can.The representatives at the credit card... More

How to benefit from making an alcohol budget

Drinking alcohol can prove to be a dangerous and health declining habit if it is consumed in its masses as a regular indulgence. Alcohol is also not cheap and can prove to take a huge chunk out of your money supply in the event that it becomes a more frequent and regular habit. For these reasons,... More

Money techniques: How to make 50k in less than twelve months

Wouldn't it be nice to own that perfect car or that perfect house? I have always looked for ways of working at home, spending more time with my wife and kids, but earning more. Myself, I would thoroughly enjoy having money flowing into my bank account like water, but also working a few hours a... More

How to assess risk versus reward in investments

You're investment strategy should reflect your goals, time available and risk appetite. Throwing your pension fund on that company that your cousin Tim told you was a dead certain winner is no smarter, or dumber, than keeping your pension savings in your current account from the age of 15 to 65.... More

How to manage an effective savings plan

Establishing and managing an effective savings plan is the most important step you can take to attain financial independence. You know you need to do it - and do it today. We can all agree that most of us work hard for our money. Forty, sixty, eighty hours a week - doing what we have to do, so... More

How the recession is affecting peoples spending habits

The current economic recession is bringing about more change than any governmental official ever has. The changes are not wanted by most, if not all, people that are being affected by them. Although some have had positive results, most have affected us in negative ways. We have had to get rid... More