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Government debt relief: State and Federal debt solutions

The number one thing that local, state and federal government officials need to do in order to reign in the ever-expanding debt in the United States is to stop spending. Any person who has worked and paid bills knows how simple this is. The first thing you do when you don't have any money is to... More

Get out of debt: How to be debt free

Imagine waking up one day having your utilities bills, your car payment, your credit cards and your mortgage fully paid. Just imagine the heavy weight lifted off your shoulders. It is nice to be debt free. You don't just have to imagine it. You can start to take steps to be debt free and get out... More

How to double investments in a month

The most realistic vehicle for doubling investment capital in one month can be found in speculative trading of the stock and commodity derivative contract markets, and it is not out of the question to make a heck of a lot bigger gains than 100% in a month. Where a stock trader may need a stock to... More

Credit cards: How to ask for and get a lower rate on your high interest credit card

Credit card rates, the way credit card companies make money off of us, often much to the disdain of the card holder. There is no doubt that credit card usage has soared astronomically recently. Much of this is due to consumers purchasing beyond their means, but technology can also be blamed to... More

How to save money on groceries without coupons

One ongoing expense that every family or household experiences is groceries. The cost of food seems to be climbing on a continual basis. Finding ways to save money on groceries is a common need among families today. There are a number of ways to save money on groceries but one of the most common... More

How to negotiate the price of anything with a private seller

The art of negotiation in it's most basic of forms is simply discussion followed by a brief session of give and take by both parties. When negotiating the price of an item with a private seller, unless the particular item for sale is incredibly rare, the buyer usually has the advantage, however... More

Corporate holiday party planning cost saving tips

If you happen to be one of the unfortunate people that are chosen to plan, or even help plan, the annual corporate holiday party, your task may be more difficult this year as companies look to cut costs, or in some cases try to appear less ostentatious due to impropriety. It's actually not that... More

How to read the financial report of a unit trust

So you have invested in a specific unit trust and now you receive half-yearly annual report from your fund manager. What do you do with it? It is full of financial figures including the fund manager reporting on the performance of the fund, analysis of the economic and market review, and outlook... More

How I fell into a scam and how you can avoid it

In today's world scams are everywhere. You can't sit at home peacefully without the phone ringing and some jabroni on the other line sees you as lunch. I fell into this trap by one company: America's Choice Readers Service. This company tricks you into signing up for there magazine service,... More

How teachers can save money for summer vacations

A long vacation available in each summer might be a very tempting bonus for you who have chosen teaching as a career. However, in order to enjoy a pleasant and long summer vacation, you'd better get prepared financially in advance. How can you save money effectively for your summer vacations? If... More