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How to get guys to notice you

Why you cant get the man you want and how you can get the man you want your probably wondering how can i ask that type of question.Don't feel bad;its a fact that at least 1.3 million woman asks that question , what I'm doing to... More

How to ask a girl out on a date

Okay, now when I say "type of girl," I'm not talking about who she is (blonde, brunette, 5'7 tall, etc.). I'm talking about how INTO you she is. See, if a girl likes you, it doesn't matter when you ask her out. She's going to say YES. But if she's on the fence, ambivalent to you, or... More

Juggling men: How to feel guilt

Equality among genders has grown leaps and bounds over the years. Sadly there are still those who feel a woman's life should be one of monogamy, but ironically don't hold a man to the same standards; multiple dating by men is considered acceptable, but not for women. As much of a double standard... More

Signs that a person might like you

One of the most vexing questions a person in love has to ask themselves is "do they like me back?". It can prove a very frustrating conundrum, especially if you're too shy to just go up and ask for a straight answer. Chances are good you're going to have to do it eventually, too, if you... More

How to make your ex jealous

Why in the world would you want to make your ex jealous? Is there a reason for you to want to make your ex jealous? There are other things that you could be doing than thinking about ways to make your ex jealous. You are better than that and you could more than likely do better than your ex... More

How to be a good mother

I adore my daughter-in-law. I also realize that not every mother got as lucky as I did. Whether your daughter or, son-in-law is a blessing or, a nightmare, it's not going to do you a bit of good to fight it! The obvious reason for this is that she or, he are likely to be the mother or, father of... More

How to apologize to a good friend

A sharp tongue slices deeper than the sharpest knife. What happens when we argue and forget to communicate, as I call it, empathically? What causes us to grieve for ourselves deeper than we could ever grieve for anyone else, except for maybe a child? What is the reasoning that causes us to... More

How to keep your friends in your late 20s and early 30s

The older we get, the harder it is to keep in touch with friends. Work and family obligations keep people extremely busy these days, and often this results in diminished friendships. However, there are ways to keep a friendship going, even when one has a full plate. In this day and age, we have... More

How to identify an online sweetheart scammer

The following article outlines what to look for when trying to identify a sweetheart scammer, both for my benefit, and that of others. This comes after having had 4 scammers in a row try to contact me via Online Dating Websites. While these are not gender specific though, of course written from a... More

How to help a person cope with suicide of a loved one

Suicide is the worst possible death imaginable. One minute the person you love is there and the next minute they're gone. They're gone of their own choice and this is something that is so very hard to deal with. You are left with unanswered questions, guilt that you didn't notice something was... More