How to get guys to notice you

How to get guys to notice you

Why you cant get the man you want


how you can get the man you want

your probably wondering how can i ask that type of question.Don’t feel bad;its a fact that at least 1.3 million woman asks that question , what I’m doing to make that special one look away , which comes not even remotely close to the amount of man that asked that same exact question." is it worth it ?»Remember that question for it will be major part in your success of snagging that man!

You not able to win over the heart of the man whom you think about constantly. When your in school you urgently try to find a seat next to him even if it means sitting in the front row, which you hate.He can be the one that you must bring a cup of coffee for everyday even if you have to get off 4 bus stops before you original stop just to make sure he haves that fat free coconut coffee creamer that he loves so much.There has been a situation where you changed your whole dress style so you can try to imitate the look that the other females have because he pays them so much attention.You may even have hiked up your skirt and opened the first couple of you buttons on you blouse so you can show him a there’s more to you then that high end exceptive job. every chance you get you MUST speak to him .When your In class you act so shy to the point its disturbing you grades. When your at work and you come in late your boss lashes out at you in front of him and you whole day has erupted. If all that i have said is true then THATS THE PROBLEM .

See, don’t try to be so close to him when you at school. The more you show that you dislike him the faster he will want you.When you got to work don’t bring him any coffee . He will then ask " wheres his coffee" which gives you a perfect chance to speak and say something that has him wondering . Reply Where mines at ,that way he can say something like I didn’t know you wanted one; depending on if hes that quick romantic type or he may say something out of the ordinary but you still was able to spark a conversation without putting so muck work. Instead of changing your wardrobe you simply express what you cant say in front of him threw your clothes. Allowing not only your style but your personality to show , so he can know that you are your own person. When your at work get you job done early so you can change your cloths so he see that your able to go out when you want and he can see that there is more to you then your job. Don’t attempt to do this every day , he may then think that your a wild partying girl whom uses her job to cover her up; which is another story on keeping that man. When your in class and the teacher asks you a questions in stead of not saying any thing tell him you don’t know and then ask the teacher questions based on the question he asked you. That way the man you want knows your not too good or afraid to accept new information .when your at work don’t run down three flits of stairs , over your friend table just to see him change out of his work shirt. When your boss lashes out at you don’t worry wait until he leaves in say something highly sophisticated .

All of this will help you get that man ; which brings me to that question is it worth it? If he cant see whats there then maybe he not the one for you after all . what every choice you take make sure its the right one


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