Signs that a person might like you

Signs that a person might like you

One of the most vexing questions a person in love has to ask themselves is "do they like me back?". It can prove a very frustrating conundrum, especially if you’re too shy to just go up and ask for a straight answer.

Chances are good you’re going to have to do it eventually, too, if you want to sleep at night. In the meantime, though, you can at least bolster your confidence by looking for a few signs that they like you — and here are some to help you out.

— They look straight into your eyes when they talk to you, and seldom break eye contact in the process. More, their whole posture seems to point towards you: their feet, their hands, even the tips of their toes. They’ll also likely sit forward and listen really closely to what you have to say.

— They’ll remember little tidbits about you that other people are likely to forget. Yes, some people just have good memories, but most will erase useless details from their brains if they don’t give a hoot about the person. Like, say, your birthday, what kind of clothes you like to wear on Saturday nights or your favorite brand of pickles.

— They’ll instantly notice when you’ve changed something about yourself. Hairstyle, loss of weight, different clothes, that sort of thing. They’ll also be the first person to compliment you on the change. Even if they don’t immediately pinpoint the change they’ll know instinctively that something is different, and possibly ask you what it is.

— They’ll always make time for you. No matter what. Work and familial obligations are no barrier to a person smitten with another.

— You’ll see them more often than anyone else. They’ll somehow learn your habits and appear, often without warning, where you’re most likely to be. (No, this isn’t quite stalking. If they start appearing at your HOUSE, though…)

— They’ll appear flustered whenever you enter the room. More, they’ll stumble in conversation and seem nervous whenever you initiate a chat.

— They’ll play with or fix their hair while looking at you. This is especially true of women, though men also try to look their best while talking to the one they want.

— They’ll laugh a lot at your jokes, even the lame ones.

— And, as if the rest aren’t sign enough, they’ll make physical contact with you. Often. Hugs, back pats, gentle punches, it all adds up to somebody who wants to get even closer.

One or two of these things in isolation may not mean anything, of course. All of them together, though? Chances are good you’ve got somebody who wants to keep you in their life for a long, long time. How you respond to such attention is up to you.


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