How to celebrate the 4th of July without fireworks

How to celebrate the 4th of July without fireworks

When fireworks are banned because of the risk of more fire than we want, celebrating the 4th of July requires a bit of creativity.

The traditional barbecue can still take place. There’s always the community parade where you can cheer and make a general fool of yourself. Or not.

But without something different, it feels a little flat.

Creating your own 4th of July traditions could be just the thing to liven up the holiday.


Step 1

Get a group of friends or family together and brainstorm. Include the kids. You want them to enjoy the holiday too.

Appoint a secretary to write down ideas as they’re said.

Nothing is silly or too far out or too expensive or too hard. This is "dream time."

Step 2

Choose one or more ideas that most of the group would enjoy. Include something for the adults, something for the kids, and something for everyone.

Instead of voting, which creates winners and losers, try to reach a consensus.

Step 3

Plan what steps need to be taken to make your ideas a reality. Will you need to buy tickets or make reservations? What things need to be bought? What preparations need to be made? How much time will these things take?

Step 4

Divvy up responsibilities among the group. Try to use everyone’s talents to make this the best 4th of July ever.

Write each person’s assignments on a list, then on paper to hand out.

Step 5

Create a budget. From the list of food or supplies or tickets or whatever to be bought, figure your expenses and how much each person or family will need to contribute. If possible, collect the money now and dispense it to the people who have that assignment.

If someone (or the whole group) came unprepared to chip in, set a date to meet again, collect the money, and get it to the people responsible. Any leftover money can be returned.

Step 6

Once everyone gathers on the 4th, enjoy your celebration. This is one of the most patriotic celebrations in the USA. Make it memorable.

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Things Needed
• Group of celebrators
• Paper and pens
• Imagination
• Money

Tips & Warnings
• Make brainstorming fun by serving a few refreshments
• Include the whole group. If someone looks like there’s an idea there but isn’t saying anything, ask
• Create rules of engagement, like no idea is ridiculous to avoid hard feelings
• Plan as early as possible so you can be ready
• If the group wants, you can watch national celebrations on TV after your own


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