How being unemployed can affect your overall well

How being unemployed can affect your overall well

Being unemployed can affect your overall well-being in a variety of ways, from making you feel worthless to apathetic and rejected. Society places a lot of value on work, and when you have no job you can experience prejudice from people, and develop low self esteem. Your well-being is likely to suffer as your opinion of yourself falters, and you lack a healthy structure to your day and plans for the days and weeks ahead.

Self worth

One of the greatest threats to your well-being when unemployed is a sense of doom and despondency which can lead to depression. Socially you will suffer, not only because you probably won’t be able to afford to go out much, but also because you’re likely to get sick and tired of having to tell people you’re out of work when they ask you what you do for a living. Saying that you’re unemployed is a conversation killer.

Increase your confidence and bandage up your self worth by banking up more skills, or taking up voluntary work so you have something to discuss, and a sense of value to your day. Learning new skills and gaining experience may help you get a job.


Apathy can set in after a while of being unemployed when your daily structure falls apart at the seams. Not having to get up out of bed a certain time may sound like luxury to people with a job, but the reality is that it’s healthy to have something you feel it’s worth getting up for. When friends and family are either at work or at school, being left on your own at home doesn’t make you want to dance and sing. It’s more likely to make you want to hide under the bed covers until they come home or call you.

Reduce apathy by staying alert and keen. Develop a plan of action towards gaining employment, and stick to a daily routine to help you stay in the swing of things.


Your emotional and physical health may take a turn for the worst if you are unemployed. You may imagine that having more time means you will stay fit and healthy, but unless you push yourself to exercise and bother to cook nutritious meals you may fall into a pattern of laying on the couch eating junk food.

Stay healthy while unemployed by managing your physical and emotional needs well. Take regular exercise, such as walking, cycling or swimming, and eat plenty of fresh foods. Avoid the temptation to sit in-front of your game boy or computer all day, and get out into the sunlight and fresh air.

Although your overall well-being can be adversely affected by the experience of being unemployed, you can reduce the likelihood of this happening by staying healthy, and by keeping your brain occupied in ways which may lead to further skills and achievements. Make sure you have something worth getting out of bed for each day, and you will be fit for employment as soon as the opportunity arises.


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