How to overcome difficulties when a child refuses to eat and sleep

How to overcome difficulties when a child refuses to eat and sleep

If your child refuses to eat and does not like to go to sleep, there must be a problem with your child.
Children often have time when they refuse to eat and sleep but this is not very often. It is important that you check your child if something is wrong.
If your child does not usually do this then it is time you should worry and check for any problems.

There are times when a child does not want to tell you if they are not feeling well. But you have to be smart enough to spot what is your child’s problem. Sometimes, your child might have a problem in school or with his or her friends that needs attention. If the child refuses to talk then it is your responsibility as a parent to check what the problem is all about.

Sometimes it is best if you ask the child what he or she wants to eat. But if your child refuses then you have to delve into what is wrong with your child. Remember that children love food and they have no reason not to like to eat if you are serving the food that they want to eat.

If there is no problem but your child refuses to eat then the problem might be the food. Perhaps you should try cooking other kinds of food that you haven’t cooked before. Make sure that you present the food in a more attractive way. Let your child taste the food before giving your child a serving.
If by doing this your child still refuses to eat then just leave your child alone. Let your child drink something instead. Your child will eat when he or she gets hungry. Do not force the child to eat if the child has no appetite.
The more the child will not eat if you keep pushing him or her to eat. Give your child time and if your child will feel hungry your child will be the one to ask for food.

Make sure to serve different menus so that children will enjoy their meal every time the food is served.
Serve the food in an attractive way.
And cook what your child likes to eat.
It would be a waste to cook food then it will not be eaten by your child.
As much as possible start training your child to eat any kind of food while still young.

For sleep problems, you could help your child have a good night sleep by giving them a shower before going to bed. Make sure that the child is free from dirt that might irritate them and cause them to have a disturbed sleep. Before sleeping give your child a glass of milk to drink. You can also tell a story to your child. Children love stories and telling your child a story will lull your child to sleep.

Do not let your child watch brutal movies or horror movies at night. The last scene that children must see before going to bed is a pleasant and a happy picture. You can show pictures of the story you are telling your child and that will be the last thing in their mind. Pleasant pictures will keep the child at peace in their sleep.

If your child likes the room to be bright then keep the lights on. There are children who can not sleep with the lights on. Be on guard about this matter. Accompany your child in bed if your child cannot sleep alone. Always develop in your child a good sleeping habit. Do not let your child sleep too late and wake up too late.
It is important that the child will have a regular pattern of sleep to follow as he or she grows older.

Children will eat if they are given what they want and they sleep if there is no problem. It is important that we monitor our children properly in order for them to develop a good eating and sleeping habit.


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