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How to teach preschoolers the food groups

Learning about food Preschoolers are at the age where parents and teachers can teach the children about the different food groups. You should help preschoolers learn about food and what foods are healthy for them and what foods aren't as healthy. This guide will help you learn how to teach preschoolers the different food groups, and how you should introduce each food group by showing the students pictures of various foods.... More

How to make a bandana wreath decoration

It's a little bit country This is a great little craft that can be used for many occasions. Bandanas come in every possible color. The wreath can be made in school colors and used to decorate lockers. They can be made in different sizes and are appropriate for any holiday. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Take shopping excursion to get the supplies needed for this specific wreath. The supplies pictured are for a hunting... More

How to wean your baby off the bottle

Introducing solids to your baby's diet Introducing babies to solid foods or weaning, usually takes place when the baby is between four and six months old. There are differing schools of thought on this subject however. Some organizations say weaning should be held back until a baby is six months old and others that it can be started from around four months old. NEVER give anything other than milk to babies under four months... More

3 Ways to Create a Postcard

Promoting a business takes more than money and a good product or service. It requires dedication, creativity, and a killer marketing material as well. For a newbie in the business world, it may be difficult to decide on the best marketing material to invest on. With every material claiming to be effective in promoting a business, it becomes hard to choose the most suited to a business. There is, however, one material that you... More

How to decorate a 4th of July flag cake

Nothing says summer (here in America) more than a tribute to "Old Glory" using a flag cake. You will be center stage when you show up at any patriotic celebration with this glorious red, white, and blue creation. Let your delicious pre-baked cake be the palate upon which you lavish creamy white buttercream icing, bright red strawberries, an ocean of blueberry, and mountains of white coconut for a grand flag... More

How to relieve engorgement when breastfeeding your baby

How to relieve breast engorgement while breastfeeding. Often occurring 3-5 days after the birth of a newborn; breast engorgement is a common problem faced by many breastfeeding mothers. This uncomfortable condition is characterized by swollen, hard and painful breast, accompanied with skin that is red, hot, and shiny with a slight increase in body temperature. If you are a breastfeeding mother faced with this problem, here... More


Kids are greatly attracted to games and requisite to behave antithetic games online, perception beyond the vesture up games. Dress up games for kids is a appoint to reckon with the class of online diversion specially for kids. On our position you instrument label a solon galvanic gamey. For warning, you can get the optimum fix up games e'er. Whether or not you are a teenager, you can savor these head games online. No... More

How to make simple chicken pot pie

Super simple chicken pie Chicken pot pie is a perfect meal for cold weather. Not only is this a hearty main dish, but cooking in the oven warms up the entire home! There are several ways to make chicken pot pie, from the "old fashioned" way of creating a pie crust and spending time rolling the crust and making sure it's perfect. However, there are far easier ways to make a chicken pie that not only take less time, but... More

How to knit with double pointed needles

Knitting in the round with double pointed needles You have made a scarf on straight needles and now you would like to make a cap to match. It's time to try out knitting with double pointed needles. By using double pointed needles you can knit in the round and not have to make a seam. Double pointed needles come in sets of four, are made of either aluminum or plastic and come in sizes from 0 to 15. They... More

How to change the speakers on a computer

Often the speakers which are provided with a computer are not very good. People who use computers for their listening to music may prefer to change their level-1 speakers for a higher specification. This is a very easy task to perform for those without technical expertise following the step by step guide given below. Remember when working with any alteration to your computer that you do need to have your computer switched... More