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How to learn to draw manga and anime characters

So you wanna draw anime, huh? That sounds much like one of those ads for those 'free powerful tapes' you hear advertised on the radio all the time. Well the key idea you have to realize here, is that there is no easy way to learn how to draw a specific style, especially one as deviating as anime. It deforms the human body in a lot of extreme ways, and if you don't understand anatomy well, your drawings are always going to... More

How to burn calories to lose weight

Weight loss and exercise tips Mathematically, weight loss is simple. All you have to do is burn more calories than you consume. However, in the real world of hectic lifestyles, sedentary office jobs, super-size portions and constant junk food temptations, this simple equation becomes much more difficult. This is why burning extra calories by exercising is so important if you want to lose weight. By watching what you eat... More

How to print a network settings page on a Lexmark T632 printer

On a Lexmark T632 printer, if you want to view the printer's network setup, you can print out a network settings page which gives you a breakdown of all the current network settings on one page. On some printers, this information is included on the menu settings page, but on the T632 it's not. To print out the network settings page, follow the steps below. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Go into the menu Press either the... More

How to stop your wife from nagging

Learning the secrets of women There was a man who wrote a book and in his title described how differently men and woman see things, equating them as being respectively from Mars and Venus. Perhaps he was right in one way. Men think differently to women, and here lies the problem. If a man wants his wife to stop nagging, he has to find a way to do this, and to understand female logic. It's easy once you start to see that the... More

How to attach snowboard bindings

Mounting your snowboard bindings Snowboard bindings provide the final link between snowboard boots and a snowboard. When mounted and adjusted correctly, they allow snowboarders to precisely control their snowboards. While fine tuning snowboard bindings can be technologically challenging, the actual process of mounting them to a snowboard is fairly simple. Given the proper directions and the necessary tools, bindings can... More

How to make a French pearl cocktail

The French pearl cocktail was invented by famous mixologist, Audrey Saunders of the Pegu Club in New York. Since Audrey describes herself as a ‘gin girl' it's not surprising the French pearl includes gin as a main ingredient. The cocktail is a refreshing blend of gin and absinthe with a slight undercurrent of fresh lime, giving it a delicate sweet and sour taste. It's best sipped and not gulped since the anise from... More

How to make a cucumber facial mask

Make your own cucumber facial mask Cucumbers are very good to eat, but they also have great healing properties for the skin, especially the skin on your face. It has long been a practice to place slices of cucumbers over the eyes to reduce redness and puffiness. Many women search for the elusive facial mask that will help them have clear, soft skin. Even though a lot of them contain cucumber, most of the products you buy in... More

A Guide in Creating Envelope Templates

When sending do-it-yourself print materials, such as greeting cards, you may want to create your own envelope templates, too. In that way, you can create a consistent appearance for your mail package. The receiver of your mail will surely appreciate receiving a matching card and envelope. On your part, you can have a staple trademark. Your receivers will know where the mail is coming from based on the envelope alone. Maybe... More

How to make a copy on a Brother IntelliFax 2820 fax machine

Like many fax machines, the Brother IntelliFax 2820 can be used to make a low volume of copies in a pinch. It is not as fast as most copiers, and the print quality might not be as good, but it can make copies if you need it to. To make a copy using the IntelliFax 2820, follow the steps below. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Load the original(s) Put the paper (or papers) that you want to copy face down into the original... More

How to get discount ski lift tickets to Winter Park Resort

Discount ski lift tickets are easy to find for this Colorado ski resort Finding discount ski lift tickets for Winter Park Resort is really easy in the competitive Front Range Colorado ski resort market. With some planning and time one can save on day ski trips to week long ski vacations. Colorado locals and Colorado ski industry insiders know where and how to find discount ski lift tickets and passes. Learn how to save on... More