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How to build your own drafting table

Here's a simple and elegant plan to build your own home drafting table These days, when Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) does most of the hard work, many draftsmen no longer use real tables. But if you still prefer velum, T-square, triangles, rule and pens you'll appreciate this plan for building your own drafting table. This is a one-day project using materials you can find at Lowes or Home Depot for under $100. You won't... More

How to diagnose a failed PC power supply

The heart of your computer The PC power supply is the heart of every computer. Just like the human heart pumps blood through our veins, the PC power supply is the heart that pumps electricity through the computer's circuits, hard drives, and other devices connected to the system. PC power supplies and the various electrical feeds coming out of them are subject to fail at any moment. When they do, drives operate... More

How to buy a used outboard motor

When new to too expensive When you own a boat there are a lot of expenses. You need to keep your boat in good repair. You may also have to pay for a place to store your boat in the off season and to launch it. All of these can be very expensive. When you want to upgrade or replace your outboard motor you will find out what the greatest expense of all is, a new motor. The good news is there are usually a good supply of used... More

How to clean dust from computer heatsink and components

How to clean the interior of your computer to increase performance Ever wondered what goes on inside your computer case? Often it can look like the inside of a vacuum cleaner disposal bag. Seriously, ask the local computer technician just how grubby do these things get over a period of time. Just envisage that there are at least two internal fans, sucking in air to try and keep components cool and at optimum working levels.... More

How to be a great soccer parent

When my son was eight, and had been playing soccer for a couple of seasons, his coach called me to take over the team. I'm an odd choice for the job of soccer coach of a boys' team. I'm a woman who never played soccer and never participated in team sports. Coach Norbert called me up, probably the last call he planned to make in his quest, asking that I take over the rag tag team. Norbert was a good enough guy. He knew the... More

Working Appropriately With Credit Card Bills

Even if utilization of a visa card can be relatively accessible when it comes to planning several purchases, it is really not as simple to completely pay down the unpaid sums for it, particularly if they've amassed over a more lengthy interval and you also made specific big orders for merchandise. Nonetheless, you should not despair though the financial obligation you must pay is a lot higher than you would imagine, because... More

How to care for fruit trees

Once a fruit tree has been properly planted, each type of tree has its own individual requirements for care. However, there are some principles of caring for fruit trees that apply to all varieties. Don't Rush New Trees After planting, new fruit trees need three to five years to develop the branch structure to bear fruit and the root structure to nourish a crop. Dwarf trees usually need less time to establish than standards.... More

How to teach preschoolers the food groups

Learning about food Preschoolers are at the age where parents and teachers can teach the children about the different food groups. You should help preschoolers learn about food and what foods are healthy for them and what foods aren't as healthy. This guide will help you learn how to teach preschoolers the different food groups, and how you should introduce each food group by showing the students pictures of various foods.... More

How to make a bandana wreath decoration

It's a little bit country This is a great little craft that can be used for many occasions. Bandanas come in every possible color. The wreath can be made in school colors and used to decorate lockers. They can be made in different sizes and are appropriate for any holiday. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Take shopping excursion to get the supplies needed for this specific wreath. The supplies pictured are for a hunting... More

How to wean your baby off the bottle

Introducing solids to your baby's diet Introducing babies to solid foods or weaning, usually takes place when the baby is between four and six months old. There are differing schools of thought on this subject however. Some organizations say weaning should be held back until a baby is six months old and others that it can be started from around four months old. NEVER give anything other than milk to babies under four months... More