How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 1035
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World economy is facing another crisis, affecting businesses of all types, including real estate firms, financial institutions, service providers, small businesses and the entertainment industry as well as manufacturers in general. Dealing with a global recession is a painful situation. It affects the whole economy and all national and international companies which are facing the same negative effects on their... More

How to easily clean your car’s headlights

Many auto retailers sell complete cleaning kits that you can use to clean or de-fog your headlights. These kits generally work well, but you can often save money by using a simple cleaner and rag to clean the headlights, which is sufficient in many instances to get them looking clear as glass and good as new. "D" Ink is the cleaner recommended here, however if you have a similar cleaner it may work just as well. "D" Ink... More

How to prepare Italian manicotti

How to make italian manicotti Italian manicotti is wonderful if you love cheese. Similar to lasagna, with more cheese. Its a wonderful dish to fix for company. Add a nice fresh tossed salad and a loaf of Italian bread and you have a complete meal. Maybe some cannoli for desert? You can make this dish ahead and keep it in the refrigerator until your ready to bake, or make a double batch and freeze for another meal, it will... More

How to add brake fluid to the clutch master cylinder

How to top up the brake fluid in your car's clutch master cylinder Topping up the clutch master cylinder reservoir is something that any car owner can tackle with confidence. This is a simple task which will make a big difference to maintaining your car, and extending the life of your clutch. As your clutch wears, the brake fluid automatically adjusts the position of the clutch pressure plate. This action ensures that the... More

How to write a speech

Many children and adults dread those moments when they are expected to deliver a speech. The actual performance, the part that they dread the most, should be a breeze if the speech is well prepared. You might have watched people standing and talking in front of a large audience as if it is the most natural thing in the world and wondered how they do it. It doesn't happen by itself. It comes with years of experience and a... More

How to clean a virus-infected computer

An easy way to remove viruses, malware and spyware Viruses, malware, and spyware can cause numerous computer problems. Not only can they seriously damage your files, but they can also result in credit card fraud and identity theft. Various anti-viruses will help you stay protected, but they are not perfect and your computer can get infected even if you have a security suite. Fortunately, there is a way to clean a... More

How to use and not abuse apostrophes

Learning effective use of the apostrophe The next time you encounter an apostrophe, shake hands and welcome it. Ask it what purpose it is serving If it's not standing in for a letter or two in a contraction, or denoting possession, or marking the plural of a numeral, letter, or acronym, chase it off. It's like a barnacle on a boat's hull. It must be scraped away. The apostrophe in "boat's" denotes possession and prevents... More

How to trap mosquitoes

Trapping Mosquitoes Mosquitoes thrive in an environment that is warm and high in humidity. The number of mosquitoes increases tremendously especially during summer, and for countries located near the equator, mosquitoes are found all year round. Mosquitoes are carriers of diseases like Malaria, Denggi, and Chikungunya, - if humans bitten by these carrier mosquitoes are not treated early, it could be fatal. Mosquitoes bites... More

How to begin a personal journal

Writing your thoughts to gain clarity and for later use   People begin personal journals for a wide range of reasons--from using writing as a therapeutic tool to recording thoughts and events for later use in autobiographies. Journals are great writing projects for any age and can also help you develop your writing habits and ability over time. The following are some tips for getting started. ... More

How to make perfect fried chicken

No doubt most American families eat fried chicken just about every week. You probably have a favorite piece that you always eat whenever fried chicken is served. Do you grab the drum-stick, the thigh, or is the the wishbone with its white meat that you want? Nothing is better than a piece of homestyle fried chicken; offered here are details and a step by step method for making crispy-crunchy fried... More