How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 1036
How to capture depth of field in photography

Depth of Field basics Photographer-Fisher CC BY-SA • When taking photographs, there is a point at some distance from the camera that is called the "focal point". This is the point where everything at that distance will be in exact focus and everything closer than and further than this point will be out of focus. The greater the distance from the focal point the less in-focus the areas of the scene will be. The... More

How to make a nesting box for ring-necked doves

Creating a dove nesting box Many people have found that doves are great pets to have. They are interesting, easy to take care of and to raise, and they have a cheerful coo that can be quite endearing. They also have another nice trait; they are easy to breed. It can be difficult to detect the difference between a male and a female ring-necked dove, as the size and coloration isn't very different. However, they do know the... More

How to peel potatoes easily for potato salad

The fast and easy way to peel potatoes Potato salad is a natural, especially on the fourth of July or on picnic outings. It isn't hard to make, it is often a hit for outdoor get togethers, and it isn't even expensive. Traditionally, though, one of the most physically time consuming parts of making it has been the peeling of the potatoes. Worry about the potato peeler no more, though. There is a far easier way to peel the... More

How to gain the respect you know you deserve

Respect is one of the basic human needs. Without Respect a human will die just as surely as a human will die without water and food. This is the reason that a human must never be required to earn Respect! To Respect is to accurately define the worth of a human being. Respect is needed to accurately define the worth of any aspect of the life/the environment/the universe into which the human being has been created to... More

Ways To Get Yourself A Visa Or Mastercard That Has A Discount Percentage Rate

You can find a bewildering variety of credit card accounts in the market with various diverse promotions and benefits to choose from. Balance transfer deals, reward schemes, zero interest purchases, cash back, airmiles... the list keeps going. Whatever you want on a account, though, there will be one single sum that people always take note of : the annual percentage rate or monthly interest. Every one of us want our card to... More

How to read a knitting chart

Knitting charts are helpful Many knitting patterns have written instructions for complex designs, but others have charts to show how the pattern is developed. Charts are most often used for multi-colored knitting, but sometimes are used for cables or lace patterns. Although they can be daunting, charts are useful. There are knitters who prefer charts to written instructions, while others may prefer the directions written... More

How to plan ‘Thanksgiving Dinner 2010’

Make Thanksgiving 2010 the best it can be We all want to impress our guests with a fantastic Thanksgiving menu and this year can be one of the best, if the planning is complete and detailed. The best way to ensure grand results from your Thanksgiving Day meal plan is to make lists; and like good ol' Santa these lists must be checked and checked-twice. Making detailed lists will ensure that every tenet is observed and each... More

How to remove iPod touch applications

Admit it; you just can't get enough of your brand new iPod touch. You are not the only one; we all have been there spending hours browsing among the various App Store web pages to find the best and the most dazzling applications that will make all of our friends green from envy. But, there is a catch; iPod touch does not have unlimited hard-drive and you need to erase some apps to download the newest and coolest ones. How... More

Foremost 3 World Renowned Teddies

Whenever you visualise bears, you automatically discover the image of the Pooh Bear or Winnie the Pooh in your thoughts too. The reason why many people may associate lush teddy bears with Winnie is purely because he's the all-time most popular and almost certainly by far the most widely recognized teddy bear on the earth. Basically, he has been the real design of the classic teddy bear. He has got a brownish soft coat, wears... More

How to switch back to the old Gmail interface

Google has recently updated its Gmail interface to a new look. The first time you log into Gmail since the new interface was launched, you'll be asked to switch to the new interface. However, this switch is not permanent (yet). If you don't like the new look and feel, you can switch back to the old interface easily, while the option is still available. (Eventually, the new interface will become level-1 and you won't have... More