How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 1037
How to switch back to the old Gmail interface

Google has recently updated its Gmail interface to a new look. The first time you log into Gmail since the new interface was launched, you'll be asked to switch to the new interface. However, this switch is not permanent (yet). If you don't like the new look and feel, you can switch back to the old interface easily, while the option is still available. (Eventually, the new interface will become level-1 and you won't have... More

How to grill sweet potatoes

Another veggie for the grill Sweet potatoes are a nourishing and vitamin filled option to the more common white potato. Most vegetables are even more delicious when cooked on the grill. Sweet potatoes are no exception. Grilled plain or with herbs they are an excellent source of beta carotene as well as vitamin A and at only 141 calories are a very tasty way to get your carbohydrates, [donate]Instructions Step... More

Introducing Two new SEO friendly web directories to help increase your page rank.

Xtreme Directory is a SEO friendly free directory to submit your URL. The staff at http://www.xtremedirectory.comis committed to approving your URL within 6 hours. Xtreme directory has over 3500 Categoriesso you are more then likely to find the perfect category for your website. Xtreme Directoryhas been in existance since July 21st 2007. We have been off to a great start and currentlyhave an alexa rating of 500k. Two weeks... More

How to find an iPad’s MAC address

Like other network devices, an iPad uses a MAC (media access control) address as an identifier on a local network. This address is assigned to the iPad when it's built. A MAC address is six sets of two characters each, letters and numbers. On an iPad, the MAC address is called the Wi-Fi address, and this guide will help you locate it on your iPad. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Go to Settings On your iPad's home... More

How to involve students in service projects through school

• Volunteer Week was established in 1974 by President Richard Nixon. Since then, it was grown and evolved. Today, students completing volunteer work can earn an award and a certificate of achievement and a congratulatory letter sent from the President of the United States. Because volunteers keep many organizations alive today, teaching students to value the act of volunteering is important. Teachers can start with... More

How to encourage teamwork in the workplace

Helping people work together Building an effective teamwork culture takes all kinds of skills, mingled together to make the team complete, from management all the way through the different grades of staff. The essentials of good management and creating a productive team that works well together involve understanding human nature, showing respect of all workers no matter what their skills, being able to employ people with... More

How to chat up girls online

Chatting up girls online It may seem a fun thing to get to know women online, but chatting actually serves as more than just fun. At the end of the line, there may be someone who can make you feel good about yourself, or someone you can make feel special. It's easy and it's fun, and as long as you are honest about yourself and your situation, no one gets hurt. Chatting up girls can spice up your life or make your leisure... More

How to find anti aging skin care Products

In today's world many women are constantly looking for ways to fight the inevitable aging process. Nowadays there are various options available in anti aging skin care products and it is almost impossible to determine the actual effectiveness.Majority of the prospective women buyers find it hard to decide about the right product because many of these products come with a very hefty price tag. Although no product which are... More

How to get rid of dandruff

Dandruff free zone. Dandruff is a non-contagious, common skin disorder affecting babies through to adults. Dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis, also known as cradle cap in infants, is an excessive production of skin cells caused by the Malassezia yeast (a type of fungus). When this occurs on the scalp, it produces a build up of greasy scales which eventually start falling off in large amounts, causing the white, flaky... More

How to use a capo

Adding different pitch to the sounds you produce. A capo is an extremely useful tool. It allows the guitarist to change the pitch of the songs which they play to suit their voice, rather than changing the actual chords played. There are a variety of different capo styles available on the market, though the new clip styles are the easiest to use and to store. If in doubt as to which style to choose, take your instrument into... More