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How to find the longest lasting nail polish

The benefits of professional nail products Professional manicures and pedicures tend to last much longer than at-home treatments due to the caliber of products used. By investing in some high quality professional nail products, you can achieve a salon quality nail treatment at a fraction of the cost. Polish will last longer, with less chipping and peeling when professional quality products are used. Outlined below are some... More

How to acquire luck

Recently I have attended a series of seminars about managing your money, tax deductions and investment. At each seminar books are given away at the end of the presentation. Frequently my name has been called and I have received one. Since a lot of the same people are at the seminars they have seen me win more than once. They have said that I am a very lucky person. My response is to say that there isn't any such thing as... More

How to troubleshoot a NordicTrack MTN 740 stepper

[donate]Instructions Step 1 Adjust the 740’s Reed Switch Adjust the reed switch if the console display gives incorrect feedback after the pedals move 5 inches or more with each step. The reed switch is a small switch near the magnet. It is covered by the shield under the pedal bracket so you must remove pieces to get to it first. Step 2 • Remove the two M10 nylon locknuts and the two M10 by 82mm... More

How to calculate your body mass index

Calculating your BMI is easy when you know how If you're taking steps towards a healthier life style, then knowing how to calculate your body mass index is a good place to start. Your body mass index or BMI, is a useful indicator of whether your weight is within the correct range for your height. You can find hundreds of BMI calculators online, some of which you'll find links to on this page. However, calculating your BMI... More

How to shuck garlic the easy way

Garlic Garlic is a well known culinary and medicinal herb. It is grown and used all over the world. However, many people struggle with removing the covering from the galic cloves. The good news is that there is a very easy way of doing this. It doesn't even require a knife! Before getting started, it is important to understand a little terminology. A garlic clove is an individual bulblet. A Bulb is a cluster of garlic... More

How to make partridgeberry jam

Tips for making tasty partridgeberry jam Partridgeberries are small red berries that grow wild in eastern Canada and the United States. They are easy to pick and can be used in making all kinds of baked dishes, such as breads, muffins and squares. However the most common use for this berry is that it makes delicious jam for spreading on toast and for filling in tarts and pies. It doesn't take a lot of work to make... More

How to grow winter onions

Winter onions - tips The first thing to think about when considering winter onions is whether or not they are the right crop for you. The benefits of growing these vegetables are numerous; planting sets in the autumn allows them to get a head start before winter settles in. The sets are less prone to drought that causes onions to bolt and you will have a crop weeks ahead of your peers. Weeds grow slowly during winter, so... More

How to save $500 a month

Practice these tips to stretch your paycheck If saving money seems impossible and you consistently run through your entire paycheck each month, the tips provided in this article can show you how to potentially save as much as $500 a month. Sound unbelievable? Practice even half of these strategies and learn how to regain control of your finances while saving a significant amount of money at the same... More

How to create pumpkin patterns

Design your own pattern Photo used with permission from Jay Ball Everybody sees them when they go to the stores around Halloween; the retail packages that contain various patterns to use when carving out a pumpkin. The patterns are inexpensive, but by the time hundreds of people in your own neighborhoods purchase them, duplicate patterns appear on many different pumpkins around town. Instead of doing the... More

How to change the SSID for a Verizon DSL router

When you first set up your Verizon DSL router, it uses a default SSID (network name) made up of letters and numbers. It's a good practice to change this network name, along with the default username, password, and security key. To change the SSID, follow the steps below. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Open the Verizon router interface Open a web browser and navigate to your router's IP address. If you haven't changed... More