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How to age paper for school projects

Aged but beautiful If you've ever kept old copies of newspapers or letters, you'll notice how the paper gradually begins to discolor and turn yellow over the years. This yellowing occurs due to a chemical process within the paper when it's exposed to sunlight and air. This aged paper is fragile and tears easily, so it must be handled carefully. Now if you happen to have a requirement for this type of paper, you won't want... More

How to interview for a job

How-to make a great impression at a job interview. With the job market remaining tight, it is critical to ensure that you take full advantage of every job interview opportunity. The old saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression becomes even more critical if your livelihood depends on that first impression. This guide will help you identify ways to make the most of every job interview... More

How to achieve a higher level of self confidence

Confidence is built by how you see yourself, and your ability to fully engage your passion in life. Stop hiding your passion, don't be afraid of making your passion work for you. When you look at yourself in the mirror, think, and see: a delightful, successful person who can make it in this world. Confidence is having a love affair with life, and seeing your major role: To make your world a better place. Confidence is build... More

How to understand different kinds of love

Love has many faces There are different kinds of love. When we look at the word love in terms of having many different faces, we begin to realise its multiplicity, diversity and complexity. We also become aware that love is somewhat of a mystery. Can we ever really understand all of the different faces of love? Each one presents a mystery of its own. Yes, love of any kind invariably presents a mysterious realm, one to be... More

How to burn your own play list using iTunes

Use iTunes for Windows or Mac as an “all in one place” method to import, catalog, and copy your favorite music to CDs and play your favorites in your car or CD player away from your computer. If you have a large collection of music, either stored on your computer or on "store-bought" CDs, chances are that you have a top few favorites from your album collections. Use iTunes for Windows or Mac to download your... More

How to get a temporary phone number

How to obtain a disposable phone number A disposable phone number can be permanent or temporary. Getting one to give away for short tem business transactions or to people that have no business having access to a home landline or cell phone number reserved for friends, family and long standing business relationships is easier now than ever. There are various providers that will provide anyone with a phone number and a chosen... More

How to blow up photos for wall art

Use your photos in a big way Have you ever taken what you thought was the perfect photo? One so good that you thought it deserves to be blown up and turned into wall art. What a great idea. Blowing up your photos allows you to showcase your work and to let your family and friends know what a talented photographer you are. There are several different techniques that you can use to turn your photos into wall art. Use your... More

How to export and save your bookmarks from Firefox

Quickly and easily export your bookmarks for use in other browers Exporting bookmarks from Firefox is often necessary when a computer user has more than one computer, buys a new computer, or uses more than the Firefox internet browser. Exporting and saving bookmarks from Firefox for use in another browser is a fairly simple process. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Start the Firefox browser In the upper menu bar of... More

How to write poetry for beginners

Poetry can be loosely defined as writing in language composed to evoke an emotional response through rhythmic arrangement and creative use of words. Used adjectively, the words poetry or poetic can also be used to describe something that is displayed most eloquently, as in "poetry in motion," or something that is rendered most "poetically." When writing your first poem you should think of your words coming together in such... More

How to write a short story

Writing a short story Are you ready for the challenging and exciting adventure of learning how to write a short story? It's challenging and exciting because you never know what kind of short story idea will pop into your head. When an idea does come to you, and you keep pondering it, you know that is what you are to write. However, before you can start writing a short story, you will need to learn the elements of fiction... More