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How to Cite an Interview in MLA Format

Interview with a citation Step 1 Is the interview personal or published? Of course, your job is much easier if the interview is personal (you only need to know who, whom and where), while with the published one you need to provide the publication (printed or online). But that is not important at the moment, just decide what type of interview you are going to cite. Step 2 Who is the interviewee? Here we are, at... More

How to potty train a stubborn toddler

If you are the parent of a stubborn toddler, you are definitely not in the minority! Children at this age have just begun to see themselves as separate individuals from their parents. Until now they have attached almost all of their experiences to a parent or care giver and the people that they live with day to day. Beginning at about age 18 months they begin to notice the world around them more and more. This can spark a... More

How to cure acid reflux naturally

Natural ways of managing and curing acid reflux Acid reflux is a medical condition in which the stomach produces an overabundance of acid, resulting in heartburn. There are many causes for this condition, such as lying down immediately after consuming a large meal or the more serious cause of hiatal hernia. Heartburn is one of the symptoms of acid reflux and while many people suffer from this from time to time, it does not... More

How to give volume to your hair

Okay ladies-put down your flat irons, and pick up your Aqua Net and rat tail combs, because big hair is back! (I've heard that it never went out in Texas.) While some are sporting the Amy Winehouse Beehive look (which is more like a wasp's nest, if you ask me) or Jane Fonda's Barbarella bouffant, you don't have to go to that extreme to keep up with the new big hair craze. It's the 80s look, but softer. Volume is the key word... More

How to improve your golf swing

The most important thing you can do to improve your golf game is take golf lessons from a qualified golf professional. You can read all the golf books and magazines you want but without the help of someone's trained eye your chances of improving are low. A common statistic about the game of golf in general is that about the same number of people take up the game each year as those who give up the game each year. This is due... More

How to check your tire pressure

Keep your tires properly inflated to save you money, lower emssions and increase your safety Checking your tire pressure is simple, quick and is something everyone should make a habit of doing. Tires naturally loss pressure over time and so their pressure should be checked once a month. When tires are under-inflated than the vehicle has to work harder to make them turn so more gas or fuel is used. When tires are... More

How to make a birth plan

How to create a complete birth plan The birth of a child is a special time for all mothers, whether you're a first time mom or a seasoned pro. Each woman has their own vision of what an ideal labor and delivery will be. For some, the idea of experiencing the labor and delivery process without medication is unheard of, while other women adamantly oppose the use of medical interventions unless clearly indicated. How can a... More

How to get a good night’s sleep

Overcoming sleeping problems Getting a good night's sleep is important but can sometimes be difficult for a variety of reasons. Insomnia, the inability to sleep,is a major problem for many people. Sleep is vital for good health. Lack of sleep can lead to physical, mental and emotional problems. There are plenty of things that can be done to help you get a good nights sleep. Everyone has the occasional bad nights sleep but... More

How to file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violation with Google

Protecting your digital copyright The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which was passed in 1998, provides measures to prevent the unauthorized duplication and distribution of various copyrighted materials that are posted throughout the Internet, and it also defines the penalties that will be levied on those who violate the DMCA intentionally. maintains a database of millions of websites with similar... More

How to combat Japanese beetles in your yard and garden

Beetles are the largest group of insects, but fortunately, not many native beetles are serious problems. Native beetles are either beneficial predators, or they are preyed upon by other beneficial species. The ones you need to worry about are exotic beetles with no natural predators. They can chew up or bore through trees and shrubs with nothing to stop them. Japanese Beetles are an excellent example of an exotic pest that... More